Alive, One Year Later

 On September 30 of 2021, I was admitted to our local hospital with covid 19. I was released on Oct. 17. I was unvaccinated and remain so.

I wanted to tell my story on behalf of all the people who died and those of us who narrowly survived. 

On March 11 of 2020, my wife and I had just returned from Las Vegas. We had been staying at the Wynn and went to dine at the buffet on the evening of the 10th. They had placed a stand with hand sanitizer on it near the entrance to the restaurant and employees were serving up portions of food rather than allowing patrons to do that. Nobody had masks on. Not yet.

That was when I realized that covid was going to be a giant pain in the ass. 

We returned home the following day and quarantined ourselves. I began to read about covid all over the world nearly every day. I looked at pre existing conditions, mortality rates, read other countries accounts, and dutifully wore my mask when we ventured out. 

My two covid sins. I was 60 years old and 35 pounds overweight. Otherwise, I was in pretty good shape. I have always been on the heavy side due to years of weightlifting when I was younger. I still managed to walk a few miles every day without too much effort.

In the summer of 2020, I realized two things. We were not going to be eligible for the vaccines when they first became available. Secondly, I began reading accounts of doctors in South America who were using Ivermectin with a great deal of success. Ivermectin had been around for 40 years and was safe. I also started reading accounts of doctors in the U.S. using Hydroxychloroquine (Trump used this) and Ivermectin. I found the FLCC website and forwarded some video to my doctor. My doctor prescribed Ivermectin for my wife and I. I also added Vitamin D and zinc to my daily intake. I stored the Ivermectin. That would be my first mistake.

I had hernia surgery in late November 2020. I took a covid test before surgery and tested negative.

In late 2020, local government started opening up various age groups and allowing those groups to get the vaccine. Thinking that I was fully prepared, I passed on getting the vaccine. To be honest, I don't trust anything our government does any more. Time and time again, they have proven to me that they are generally incapable of performing any function that actually benefits society at large beyond the NTSB. Politicians and the deep state work on behalf of the U.S. aristocracy. Just look at the tax code and the military industrial complex and our never-ending war machine. Big pharma? List of withdrawn medications, which were once FDA approved.

It took 50 years or so but the United States earned my distrust. They are consistent if nothing else.

I should also mention that I bought Ivermectin for horses at farm stores. 

Around September 24th, I made the big mistake. We went to look at a custom Road King motorcycle listed for sale. The owner of the bike came out of the house, coughing like crazy. I even asked him if he had covid. He said, "I don't have that shit." We kept our distance. He finally quit coughing and my big mistake- I went into a toy hauler he had for sale. It was in that enclosed space where I think we got our dose of covid.

We left for Montana two days later. My wife was getting the chills badly and showered 4 or 5 times a day. I didn't have any symptoms until the day we left Montana, about 6 days later. My temperature was 99.6. I took my first dose of horse Ivermectin. I took 5 doses in 5 days but by day 5 I was in pretty bad shape. My fever was around 101, we were both lethargic, and my oximeter said my oxygen saturation was 83. I fell into the bathtub and could not climb out. We have a nurse in the family and she told my wife to take me to the hospital.

I don't remember too much after that. I remember a giant security guard bear hugging me out of the car and into a wheelchair. I spent the first two days on my stomach and high flow oxygen. It wasn't enough. After a day and a half, one of the doctors roused me and said they wanted to put me on a ventilator. However, I'd seen the 85% death rate in Texas for people on a ventilator. I refused. He told me my life was a coin flip. So, I relented. I woke up ventilated in the ICU.   

The next nine days were the worst days of my life. Strapped to your bed with a hardware store down my throat. One tube went into one nostril and into my lungs. In the other nostril, a tube fed me through my small intestine. I had catheters in both ends. IV's and a heart monitor. Your mouth is always semi open, and I was dying of thirst. You cannot move. You cannot communicate. It's like some horrible movie where you are bound and gagged. Every once in a while, a nurse would come in and rip open the tube into my lungs. I'd be coughing, sometimes uncontrollably, on the verge of choking. Alarms ringing. You can't get up and go to the bathroom.

On day 7, I had had enough. I felt ok. I focused on freeing myself from my fabric bindings. It took an hour or so, and one sprained wrist, but I reached down my throat and extubated myself. I pulled that shit out. My wife shot out of the room and led the cavalry charge of doctors and nurses back into the room. The last thing I remember before they knocked me out and intubated me again, was a doctor asking me if I wanted to die.

Two days later they took me off the vent. The pain was so bad in my wrist from my escape attempt, that I could not sleep. I asked for enough pain meds to knock me out. They gave me that and actually let me sleep through the day for the very first time. 

Another week in the hospital and then they released me. I was in awe how debilitating this ordeal was. I could barely stand. Nurse Ratchet would not let me leave the last day. This was some hateful, lefty, kind of nurse displaying her passive aggressive tendencies. I still remember her name.

A month of forced walking and oxygen came next. I managed only 100 yards the first day. But I continued to work hard. Today, I'd say I am 90%. I have lost some lung capacity and I get winded doing simple tasks like mowing the lawn. But I am here. 

Today, I'm a little bit angry. I'm a little bit angry because I know in my gut that this was a lab created virus in a city with a lab that creates viruses. It nearly killed me and did kill some of my friends. Who benefitted from that? The bankers and big pharma. They stole billions selling us the "cure" to their virus.

I'm angry that there was no investigation. No justice. I am angry that our government wasted billions  and trillions and pushed another lethal concoction called Remdesivir.

I'm angry at the idiot minions, mostly liberal, for victim shaming those of us who contracted this horrible disease. I'm angry they've never apologized for their fearful, misdirected hatred, and the obvious failures and deaths associated with those horrible "vaccines."

I am angry at the cover up of vaccine injuries and deaths. I am angry that they are forcing this poison into our children.

I am angry that I spent 3 weeks in hell fighting this. 

I'm angry that the liberal minions backed an idiot President who was all too happy to fire and dismiss people for simply exercising their human rights. If they had their way, like Hitler and the jews, FDR and the Japanese Americans, and this time the Australians- we'd have all been put in concentration camps. Co-exist my ass. 

But I'm grateful because we smoked all these cowards out. 

And I am so very grateful for God, my family, and my fellow critical thinkers. People who can actually think for themselves. 

In the age of such vast deceit, it's hard to see clearly. But you must. Your life may depend on it.

That's what I've learned, one year later.



MMinWA said…
That's a fucking horror story Brian. Good thing you got some ivermectin down, might have been the difference.

I'm not downplaying the Chinese flu, I believe I had it in Feb/2020 and it kicked my ass, never had a flu close to how it knocked me for a loop, but although I was in my late 60s, I had a pretty hefty supplement/vitamin regime plus pretty vigorous, almost daily CV & weight lifting sessions.

The reason effective protocols like ivermectin weren't used is the EUA granted for the vax would not have been allowed if there was a credible protocol. That single thing is responsible for God only knows how many deaths. Remember how DJT was ridiculed for suggesting bleach as a sanitizer? Never once did he ever say drink it, but is typical from the legacy media.

If you really want your blood to boil, there's a movie out now called The Real Anthony Fauci, you can watch Part 1 free @ And Part 2 at the film makers website.

This POS scumbag has, for decades, lied about different viruses. In the 80s he promoted a drug called AZT to fight AIDS. It pretty much killed or seriously injured everyone that took it. Asymtomatic people(sound familiar?) like Arthur Ash took this shit, despite being perfectly healthy and was dead with the year.

Fauci forced this drug into 100s of children in an orphanage, killing and seriously injuring most. The mass grave was uncovered and the story related by a true journalist.

Than SARS, Mers, Swine Flu, Zeka, Bird Flu, Hong Kong Fever, H1N1 and finally Covid. Every one of these bullshit hair on fire viruses were supposedly treatable with some new vax that the NIH or CDC was pushing with the full support of the legacy media. Same MO every time with the same orchestrater, Tony Fauci.

He's responsible for countless deaths and now that the great depopulators, Gates and the WEF joined in, the body count skyrocketed this time around.

And I have a couple Rules of Life and never believing anything the government tells you is in the top 2.

Glad you're still around dude. While not a casino gambler, I liked the stories you'd spin about gambling. My father was a compulsive gambler, ruined our family, so I never partook in that kind of gambling.
Brian said…
Thanks MM.... as usual we are in agreement. My sister in Raymond actually bought 5 copies of Kennedy's book on Fauci and sent one to family and friends.

I cherry picked three good gambling stories just for you. It was funny- I have so many stories maybe I could write a book.

Justin_O_Guy said…
I'm convinced that the virus was created in a lab,using American money. Then, I don't believe it Leaked. I am believing they exposed people and put them on airplanes and shipped them around the world.
I also would not be surprised to learn they were working on the jab very secretly while they were creating the virus.
The claim COVID is connected to snake venom and this was introduced into city and town municipal water systems is not as far fetched as it sounds.. Cobra venom has been under study for decades, can be replicated, and whether synthetic or you actually get bit by a cobra the symptoms are identical.. Suffocation.. If they did that, it worked, because a lot of folks rushed to get the vaccinations next.. Which would be phase two of a depopulation program.. I never bought into those virus claims.. I think they’re bullshit.. I’ve been around a lot of sick people and I caught nothing.. I haven’t had a cold since 2014.. And I never drink municipal water, beverages, not even a cup of coffee.. I drink from a well, and I always have water with me.. I think Brian Ardis has busted what just went down.. There is also alphanumerical data that strongly supports a mass depopulation event..

This stuff is badass.. Reverse engineer cell damage.. I’d hate to be without it, it’s that good..

Fulvic Acid Mineral Powder
Fulvic Acid can provide a wide array of health benefits, and is naturally anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal. Manufactured in the USA, our Fulvic Acid Mineral Powder is not a coal derivative. It is non-toxic, gluten-free, non-GMO, bio-degradable, allergen-free, not irradiated, and free of harmful chemicals. It is completely water soluble and contains a remarkable array of 70+ trace minerals, 70+ electrolytes, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, and flavonoids.*
God was not done with you yet. All those things your angry at, they were features not a bug.

My gut says this is not over by a long shot. My only worry is what the future holds for my children as I came close to departing this great earth a few years ago.

Thank you for what you do and may God continue to Bless you and all your family for many years to come.
Brian said…
Thanks Bear Claw.

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