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Sunday, September 21, 2014

I'll Leave the Front Door Open For You- The Sunday Collage

Look, I know reading about taxes is boringgg. Most people can't do it. However, this is Frankenstein Government. They pay me to fashion articles which are funny and insightful. That's how I know that my regular readers will carry on here in a determined fashion.

The new tax season begins just after this year's election cycle ends. Odd how that works, isn't it? Nobody is really paying attention now to the 2014 tax law changes- but they will. These tax changes are going to be painful and effect nearly all of us.

The great, uninformed masses who wave itty bitty flags, shout USA, USA, and think they are great patriots- will dutifully march to the election polls in a few months and re-elect incumbent Congressmen. They have been doing this at a rate exceeding 90% for as long as I have been alive. They do this no matter how bad Congress sucks. They will receive a little sticker with a flag on it that says "I voted." (That's what they do here) They will be proud of themselves.

Then the zombie voters can stumble through their day beaming like grand patriots- as us enlightened types (FG readers) realize that we have just received another two years worth of tax sodomy thanks to the zombie majority. This is what Adams and Jefferson envisioned?

Those about to be re-elected Congressmen are the same Congressmen that stole trillions of dollars from the national treasury, the same Congressmen that voted Obamacare without even reading it, the same Congressmen who vote themselves giant raises and benefit packages, and they are indeed the same ones responsible for tax laws. Congress writes tax laws.

This year, Congress let several tax "breaks" expire. (I use quotation marks because those "tax breaks" should not have been taxable items to begin with)

In the 1700's, colonists revolted over a paltry 3% tax to the King. "No taxation without representation" was the phrase every one of us was taught in our government grade schools.

Today, my Idaho state sales tax is 6%- twice that amount.

My state tax is generally around 5% of my income. My property tax adds another 3% and the Feds generally get me for around 10% after everything is adjusted. Throw in nearly .50 a gallon for gas tax and all in all- I believe I lose about 25% of my net income per year to those taxes.

I don't want to cover government's force placed insurance programs which I consider to be nothing more than an additional tax- and in the case of our Supreme Court and Obamacare- they indeed  agree that it is a tax. For me that tax amounts to 8 grand. That is 500 a mo. in unsubsidized premiums x 12 months plus a 2k deductible before anyone other than me pays a cent. Good deal for someone...else.

I am going to use first person here because I have no idea how bad your tax situation is about to become. This is how it's looking for me.

This year will be the first year I will have to pay the penalty for failing to sign up for Obamacare. Most of us will pay 1% of our annual adjusted gross income. In my case, I just lost another 400 bucks or 1%. Oh, by the way...this tax goes up to 2.5% in following years.

Also set to expire this year are deductions for state taxes. So not only do your assets get seized by the state that you live in- but they are no longer federally tax deductible. That means I have an additional 2000 dollars subject to federal tax. That should cost me another 300 bucks.

Last but not least, the government force places personal mortgage insurance (PMI) on all of their FMA home loans. It is really just a tax. It costs me 1200 a year. This year, PMI is no longer tax deductible. So once again, not only does the government seize my money to insure someone else's investment interests- but I have to pay taxes on money that was seized from me despite the fact that I never had it to begin with. The corporate pirates of America dream of laws like this where they can simply seize YOUR assets to insure against THEIR potential losses. Who doesn't dream of a guaranteed, paid for by someone else, income stream? The American aristocracy does- that's for sure.

Anyway, that's going to cost me another 100-200 bucks in taxes.

Therefore at the very minimum this year, I just lost another 1000 dollars. (I am throwing in a higher tax bracket since my adjustments will be less)

You want to know what really frosts my backside? The people that will go out and re-elect these miscreants to Congress. Many have no skin in the game. They get free healthcare thanks to Obamacare, 47 million get food stamps, and oddly- that guy that pays for their food stamps and their healthcare- cannot afford healthcare for himself.

I'm out of money. Why don't you people just come over and steal some stuff out of my home instead? At least I can get a deduction for casualty and theft losses. They haven't gotten rid of that deduction yet. Just make sure you do it before Dec. 31. I'll leave the front door open for you.

Additional pain for you can be found here:

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Anonymous said...

Just in time for the upcoming November elections, Costco is running a special on the 55 gallon
drum of KY Lube. It comes with a built in pump applicator for easy repeated use as needed.
Don't forget that this product is no longer tax deductible.

Anonymous said...

Do you think one will be enough or should I stock up? Maybe they come in two packs- like cereal.


Jim at Asylum Watch said...

You and the rest of Americans living on Main Street have to pay more taxes because you are all national security risks. If they didn't take your money, you might have done something really dangerous and bought some gold. How can the government grow and thrive if you all did that? Besides, the Fed would have to print even more funny money to give away to the Wall Street Bankers. Ain't America wonderful?

Anonymous said...

I had a feeling you'd like this one Jim. Had I paid the full 8k Obamacare package- I would have lost one half of all my money to taxes. This is completely unfucking sustainable- however, the people making less than me are subsidized many for free, the people above me make enough money to have free cash flow. As it stands. I happen to be one of those people who are absolutely taking the worst of it- they are killing me.


Compleat Patriot said...

I don't have any income. By intent. They can fuck straight off. I'll run out of specie one day. Then I'll starve to death. By intent. Fuck this place and its fucked philosophies. Maybe meat and wood is income? Fuck em. I know who they are who have done this to us since the beginning, as far back as King Johns 1213 concessions to you know who because he thought he was going to hell. BS. I have read every charter concerning settlement here, from 1663 through 1763-1783 till now. It's them boyo and there ain't two ways about it. Remember Patrick Henry and the Rat? Same stinking fucken rat dude. Same filthy Holy Trinity.. Pope, King, and the Crown Bank of London.. It's all right there in all of those historical documents that supposedly set up the best deal man ever made for man... ha ha ha ha... they scam us with Civil War when they outlawed involuntary servitude but they did not outlaw voluntary servitude, sign here boyo and you get all of these neat fringe benefits.. It was always going here Brian. Hey, now they want a "carbon tax" off you. De-colonize your mind man..

Anonymous said...

You don't have any income that they can find. That's the distinction. However, I have a friend similarly situated who said that because Idaho did not sign up for Obamacare originally- he does not qualify for anything- Medicaid or Obamacare. Unfortunately he inherited 500k but finds himself with serious medical problems which now- the gluttonous healthcare system is stealing from him in big chunks.


Compleat Patriot said...

They even confiscate large amounts of high grade ore coming out of the mountains. They know when that stuff moves and they take it. Or they keep the mine owner locked up in legal harassment which keeps him from transporting his ore. They use the state police and a couple federal agencies. People of this country have no idea how screwed this place really is, especially for anyone that just wants to make a living and get ahead. They want us all broke.

Compleat Patriot said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Compleat Patriot said...

Damn, broke huh? Bummer. I was thinking of unloading a large ammo arms shipment your way. lol.. A while back I was looking over my collection and came to the conclusion that I had gone nuts. If a rifle will not except a scope I got rid of it because these eyes don't do iron sights anymore. Excepting my 1940 Winchester 30/30. Thats a keeper probably going in the hole with me. I can see the sights on pistols. I quit the three gun shoots years ago and still have an over abundance of .45 ACP. I have no use for the urban type combat arms any longer.. They were fun. I like my meat getters. I lost my fascination with the guns Brian. Long time ago actually. Strange. The new weapon of today is pseudo-science manipulations in accordance with the needs of the Iron Mountain Report, The Global 2,000 Report, The Global Revolution as laid out by the Club of Rome, Agenda 21 and sustainable scarcity, engineered famines and the like. The new warfare against mankind, cheaper, less noticeable, nobody is catching on. Coincidental genocide. Brilliant. About the only thing the bolt gun army could over throw is a popsicle stand..

Pakkinpoppa said...

So, politicians let some "loophole" tax deductions expire. Sneaky. Easier than actually voting to raise them...just not vote to extend said deductions.

As I tell people, voting for the "lesser of two weasels" or the "lesser of two evils" ensures only evil weasels are in office.

Anonymous said...

Tax sodomy. Yep, that's about the size of it.

If you liked the muppets when you were a kid and if you enjoy a perverse kind of muppets now that you're older, check out the link above. It's "the sodomy song" from a nasty little puppet movie called "Meet the Feebles" (which contains sex, violence, drugs, murder, betrayal, a threesome scene and lots more.....from Peter Jackson, who else?).