Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gov't Extorts 23 Mill on Behalf of Victims and Then of Course... Stiffs Actual Victims

For the past five years I have been witnessing and marveling at the will of the United States Gov't to extort fine money from virtually every big corporation in America. A lot of these are banks.

The government does this, allegedly, on behalf of United States citizens. The government calls these people "victims." Calling people "victims" gives the government standing when stealing money from corporations. 

In this new age, government threatens to charge big corporations with criminal acts using "victims" as the means for conducting their activities. They also threaten civil action. Companies are then forced to pay fines or settlements. Of course they do- because the proceeds of their illegal activities far exceed the fines and the time it takes to defend the company.

None of this of course ever trickles down to the "victims." Government just keeps all of the extorted dough. It's a good deal- well- except for the "victims."

Here then is the latest extortion scheme. Google violated my privacy by tracking my online (Apple) activity. I actually saw this happen as ads for Hyundai Elantra dealers were popping up on completely unassociated sites that I was surfing, after I had already bought the car. (I researched and bought an Elantra- mostly online in January)

That makes me the victim. I have not gotten one thin dime from the government or even an apology from Google for violating my privacy rights which begs the question....when does someone stand up for us?

The story.

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