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Friday, September 28, 2012

Free Speech, Well Maybe...

A little rambling...

Nobody likes to poke fun at Islam more than the CEO of FG.

It's like this for me. If you believe in a God that practices fear, hate, repression, isolationism, and punishment....then by all means please sign up with your nearest Islam recruiter and get some of that.

As for me, I'm out.

I have actually read the Quran- not all 114 books- but a majority of it. It is online. The beauty of having read the Quran is that when I am engaged in a conversation with some pro-Islam person (oddly, usually an atheistic liberal) that becomes the first question I ask. I end the conversation when I realize that the person I am engaged with does not know anything about Islam.

You see liberals pretend to practice tolerance but they really don't. What they really practice is telling others how to speak and act. I always think- if liberals knew anything- they wouldn't be liberals...

So at any rate, I am reading about this fall guy boob who put those horribly done anti-Muslim film clips and trailers on You Tube. Authorities, maybe as high as Obama himself, have now selected him for "special law enforcement attention." He is in jail. This happens when some moron pisses off the liberals  enough that they feel compelled to target him. When that free speech amendment becomes problematic- the liberals focus on anything else they can get their hands on. In this case, several "alleged" probation violations and a little smearing in the evening news.

It doesn't really matter whether any of that is true or not- in the court of public opinion- he has already been tried and convicted. Libs don't really care that the law was broken so much as they really want to teach this narrow minded man a lesson and show the world how fair and open minded they are. This while secretly being atheists, hating God, conservatives and the old white guy party.

This methodology was first used on Al Capone. When the Feds couldn't nail Al for being a murdering piece of shit- they opted for tax evasion instead. Prosecuting Al for that was far easier. Probation violations are easily imposed because the prosecutors California leftists have their fair minded and politically driven agenda and they are going to find something wrong with this sap. This is easily accomplished when all you have to show is a 51% likelihood that your target violated the terms of his probation.

This guy presents a target rich environment and as luck would have it, the libs needed a scapegoat for all of that mideast violence that they saw coming and ignored. Not good for the man with many aliases.
Free speech, well maybe, if you are lilly white.

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