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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Nancy Gets Her Beachhead

Several years ago now, I was introduced to the idea of a political beachhead. A beachhead is an established and somewhat safe landing area on a beach through which an attacking army can move troops and equipment. 

My introduction to that concept began while talking to a community organizer in the pre-lottery days (1980's) of Idaho. My organizer friend explained that although most people do not care for gambling he believed lottery officials would be able to sell state legislators on the idea that they would skim some of the profits from the lottery and return it to the state in the form of education costs for children and schools. States would also reap the windfall benefits of taxing lottery winners. The only losers would be the people playing the lottery. 

So the lottery officials established a beachhead by promising a little payola to the states. Since states and their politicians are always looking for new revenue sources, the lottery became an easy sell. We are now seeing the same beachhead being established for medical marijuana sales. Soon enough, marijuana for recreational use will be the norm and not the exception in most states.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and other members of the Uni-Party have been desperately trying to establish a beachhead with respect to their hated rival, Donald Trump. They've been trying to land on that anti-Trump beach for four years and they have been repelled. They've tried Russian election hoaxes, personal attacks and ridicule, impeachment proceedings, and even a Chinese manufactured pandemic as source material for getting rid of President Trump. They were never able to establish a beachhead until January 6, 2020.

On January 6, pro Trump supporters gathered in Washington D.C. to support President Trump. Trump had established credible evidence of voting irregularities in several swing states. These states had manipulated their voting processes to such a degree that it enabled widespread cheating. I could run those processes down state by state, but it is not necessary for practical purposes here. As Trump enumerated those states and their practices to his irritated followers, the crowd grew angry. In a bid to observe or interrupt electors gathered to confirm the electoral college vote, the angry crowd stormed the capitol building. An unarmed woman was shot and killed. A capitol police officer died of injuries he received in the melee' and a few others were reportedly killed. Proceedings were interrupted for six hours, the capitol building was damaged. 

There it was. The beachhead. After four long years, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all of the other members of the UniParty had finally found a safe place to land on Trump's well defended beach. Even Twitter, now seeing which side was winning, mustered the courage to suspend Trump's account.

With only two weeks remaining in his term, Pelosi, Schumer, and other members of the UniParty have to act fast. Anyone defending President Trump at this point will be hailed as an obvious idiot. There will be no mercy shown, no letting the clock run down. Will they try to fast track an impeachment in eleven days? I think they will. Impeachment may prevent Trump from running again.

Establishing this last beachhead reveals quite a bit about nasty human behavior. We are governed by classless, self serving, and vindictive human beings. With a win well in hand, we'll see if these leaders of the UniParty reveal themselves even further or just spare us the drama.

They should tread lightly here. Obama's third term is about to start and the UniParty has been scrambling to cover up all that bribe money Hunter Biden scrounged up from the Ukraine and China and delivered to the "big guy." It's all right there on Hunter's laptop. You shouldn't leave that stuff laying around. Hunter like his father, ain't the sharpest spoon in the drawer.

It appears Biden now has a beach of his own to defend.


Spiritually Discerned said...

I SMELL A RAT! lol...

Spiritually Discerned said...

Dems 2016: Sore Losers
Dems 2020: Sore Winners

Spiritually Discerned said...

Collective guilt now.. Anyone that doesn't support the leftists is a white supremacist terrorist that belongs in an internment facility.. From the highest politicos on the left all the way down to even low level citizen leftists at the local level, stating that openly.. SMH and rolling my eyes...

Spiritually Discerned said...

They are not impeaching Trump… They are impeaching their political oppositions world perspective because they believe their own world perspective is a superior world view.. And now that they apparently have the power they intend to use it to prove they're still in the stone age mentality of might makes right by repeating past performances of a single political world view having full political authority to do whatever they deem necessary and proper.. Apparently they fail to recognize how impossible it will be to hide the evidences of their superior political world view in action once they've over reacted to so much political authority in their possession…And don't forget, while they called everyone else that doesn't buy into their world view fascists and white supremacists and everything else nasty they could think of, watch them closely.. Watch what they do. They're going to show you who they are and there will be no doubt of it..

Chris said...

My take on this from afar as I sip my Jack Danielson the rocks, sitting on my lounge in Australia.
Trump did not lose the election, the ordinary loyal law abiding and free thinking American voter is and will be the biggest looser in this complete debacle.
The dark clouds of the Democrats and their ilk will rain down heavy upon the ordinary law abiding and free thinking American.
Whilst telling them to drink "the electric cool-aid" with the media spewing forth magical nonsense of the new Emperor's as he rubs his hands together in joy as the media team in the vein of Joseph Goebbels does spew forth a great and utter nosenical smoke screen, while the pigs gather in the feeding trough of the public coffers and the collective milking of their corporate supporters.
Trump made his $$$$$$$ before becoming the President, tell me how the previous presidents faired after their terms very fooking well, I must say one ex had the hide to say climate change is the biggest challenge as he buys a mansion on the waterfront Mmmmm!

I now look on with sad feelings on what is about to happen and POX on those REPUBLICANS that abandoned ship when the heat was on, as we say in Australia on these actions " WEAK AS PISS". May the fleas of a thousand Camels infest their pubic area.

Ah! I need a top up of my Jack & ice.