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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Let's Impeach Obama!

 The democrats, vindictive little cowards, just can't accept victory. Not only do they cheat their way into an election day win but they have been very successful at stopping credible investigation into any number of innovative cheating methods.

So now the democrats want to try and impeach a former President. This is some rich shit. It begs the question. If Trump is eligible for impeachment after leaving office- can we impeach Barack Obama? Can we finish off Bill Clinton? Can we impeach a few dead ones?

So you've seen the obvious question next. What statute of limitations exists that would prevent this? I can't find one.

Let me present my case. Hypothetical of course. 

Suppose an American President scrubbed all evidence of his foreign past. All of it was done before he actually runs for office. You have to scrub it all or parts will remain exposed. You start with your 17 year old mother who sleeps with any number of men yet identifies one of them as your father. You are raised in a foreign country with a different father. You are raised Muslim but never mention it. You have a different name but never mention it. You have an Indonesian passport which goes missing. Your advanced college degrees were likely financed by foreign scholarships yet those cannot be identified. Even your master's thesis is lost.

The cop that was me- fantasizes about snagging one of your used cigarette butts and then submitting that DNA into a database. It would be entirely possible to prove who sired our 44th President. Wouldn't that be some shit?

Could we just polygraph presidents when they are done? Ask them if they ever had girlfriends in college or where they were on Sept 11, 2012 during the evening? We have well documented case law in the U.S. that states public employees have no right to lie. 

If we can prove any number of lies, it would be impeachable.

It would however, require an investigation and we certainly understand that democrats find investigations repugnant and distasteful- unless of course they are investigating mysterious Russians or duly elected Presidents who toppled their crooked offering. Like Trump did.

Now I'm gonna drop the F bomb here because I want to. It is necessary. If you don't like that- start your own blog.

The absolute antithesis to Barack Obama is Donald Trump. They are such polar opposites that the only thing they have in common is warm blood. However, they are both presidents. This means they are impeachable under the new rules. (Btw, nobody really knows what the rules are. Like most legislation now days, nobody bothers reading anymore. Politicians rely on word of mouth and lobbyists to tell them how to vote.) Now the new rules are all subjective based on which lawyers in Congress do the most effective talking. Even if they fuck that up, which seems inevitable, we have even more lawyers on SCOTUS to further fuck things up. The precedents for all this mass confusion, buggery, and fuckery were the Citizens United ruling along with the Affordable Care Act.

So we know they are fully capable of screwing this pooch.

The point of all of this is that absolutely nobody knows what the fuck they are doing in Congress or what they are trying to achieve- but not knowing what the hell they are doing has never stopped them from doing stupid things or letting common sense intercede. That's how we got Obamacare.

Even Reader's Digest can't figure it out, however their writer concedes that there is no law that prevents an impeached President from running again if eligible in all other respects.

That means the democrats would achieve absolutely nothing which is certainly preferable to those moments when they actually achieve something. 

So if the democrats, having rigged an election- don't have the common sense or the decency to let things be then I say- let's just impeach every ex President that we can. Even the dead ones. Sayonara Obama. Arrividerci' Bill Clinton. Adios FDR. 

Even JFK. Kennedy once said those that make peaceful negotiation impossible will make violent revolution inevitable. 

Surely that is inciting treason under the new rules. 



Spiritually Discerned said...

Yep.. they're going to far.. OK get this, some of our old pals at the WLNs are suggesting anyone that supports Trump should be arrested, interned, reeducated. I ain't shitting you Brian. You know I keep an eye an just about everyone.. Anyone that doesn't approve of their world view samo samo.. They've gone off the rails.. Stealing their power wasn't enough for em was it.. NO.. They want revenge against any world view that isn't their world view.. They truly are sick. I told you man, Red fucking Wedding..

Brian said...

I whole heartedly agree.

Nothing is sacred any more. The rule of law is only applied when some prosecutor thinks he can get an easy win. Schmucks like Hillary and Hunter steal millions yet we chase little petty thieves around and lock them up.

When Biden craters, which will be soon, we are going to get the female anti-christ in office next. So yea, this is gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.

I hope they try to impeach Trump- as a private citizen he has far more power and attorneys working for him than he ever did in DC.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Kenya, one of Barry Otero's alleged birthplaces, was ever part of the Assyrian empire. Bible prophecy refers to the coming world leader, the anti- or more correctly pseudo-Christ as the Assyrian.

Would be fun to watch all the hypocritical raving that would take place over an impeachment attempt on Joe-Bama, collectively. New republicans in congress from Georgia already introduced impeachment for Biden.

And the big blue marble just keeps spinning. Another excellent thought piece that would otherwise not have occurred to me!

Shoban Illiterati