Saturday, September 12, 2009

Above the Law

The Federal Reserve Bank is a thief. It is a privately owned bank with a misleading name.

It prints our money, sets our interest rates, and it operates above the law. Allowed to operate free from oversight, we have no clue what fractional reserves it uses. No idea how much margin or leverage it employs, no idea which entities it loans to. We have to pass a law just to audit it.

Think about that a minute. We have to pass a law to audit a bank that prints OUR money and sets US interest rates. Is that insane? I think so.

Senate and house banking puppets will fight tooth and nail to keep Ron Paul's bill from passing.

Click on the video bar to the right and learn more. I am constantly amazed when people are critical of Ron Paul-a true patriot. He is a Ph.D and not a LAWYER. Reason enough to give him some credibility.

Take a look. You want your country back? This is a hell of a good place to start!

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