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Friday, November 28, 2014

Who Really Killed Michael Brown?- The Sunday Collage*Updated with Video

Darren Wilson's turn came too early. Most of us get a little more time than he did.

Years ago, our police department was the first in our area to equip our officers with Tasers. I took a lot of shit for that decision from other area police departments most of which- had no crime and were run by liberal statists with liberal councils and liberal Mayors. Liberals always think they are smarter than you. That is a universal theme that is almost always true. That's been my observation.

At any rate, shortly after equipping and training the staff with Tasers (which includes getting shot with them) a couple of our officers responded to a disturbance call one night. Upon arriving, our 5'5, 115 pound, female police officer found herself on the sidewalk in front of the home. The lunatic suspect, a 6'1", 250 lb. wife beater and alcoholic I had known for many years, burst out the front door of his house while launching a profane assault and trying to intimidate our officer. As he approached her, he was warned to stop and chose instead to remain threatening, defiant, and he advanced forward- and thus he got nailed with the Taser. They say he screamed like a little baby.

That's why I love cops. They know there will be nasty confrontations in which they can be hurt or killed and yet- they choose the profession anyway. There's a sort of a childlike innocence about young cops that I used to see. They believe they are doing the right thing for their communities and they think that their communities will rally behind them when the shit hits the fan. Unfortunately, that's not always true. In fact it's not true at all. Mostly the old cops keep that to ourselves.

Have you ever noticed that when cops are killed that there are never any riots?

The reason that is- is because cops take responsibility for our career choices and our actions. And when we get killed- while usually NEVER breaking the law- nobody runs out and loots the local strip mall and burns it down claiming that they are doing so on our behalf because we are the "picked on" Irish. We conduct our funerals, we play our bagpipes, we fold our flags, and we try to carry on like decent human beings.

This ain't your grandparents' America.

We have become a nation of pussies. We don't teach taking responsibility for your own actions. We don't teach civics and the only civic duty most people think they need to do is vote for some candidate they never bothered learning anything about anyway. Instead we teach people to blame others. It's the teachers fault you can't pass, it's the cops fault you are in jail, it's the boss's fault that you are a half ass employee, it's your wife's fault you drink too much. People believe that shit. I hear it all the time.

Our culture pacifies, coddles, and enables the piss poor performance of people like Michael Brown and more importantly his parents. Therefore I submit that Officer Darren Wilson didn't kill Michael Brown.

What killed Michael Brown was a culture and a thought process that enabled Brown to behave like a thug. It started with a complete lack of parenting, oversight, and discipline. How do we know this? Because every criminal I have ever known- thousands- were lacking at least one or usually all three of those things. Parenting takes place long before you walk into a store and terrorize a clerk and steal a few things. Or walk down the middle of a street and obstruct traffic. Or attack a cop not once, but twice. Where were Brown's parents? Didn't they teach him basic operating instructions like it's not acceptable behavior to attack and terrorize people? Where was the judicial system? It's supposed to protect us from thugs like Brown, and it's supposed to "rehabilitate and protect Brown" from future criminal activity. Brown's psychopathic urges should have been addressed or arrested long before he met some cop on some street in Missouri.

(There's no way that I am going to believe this was Brown's first rodeo and run in with the law. Oddly, there is an absolute dearth and lack of reporting on Brown's criminal past from any media source and juvenile records are "discoverable" after death)

So it was that one day, this giant mess with it's multiple failures finally came calling and the duty of reining it all in fell on the shoulders of one 28 year old Ferguson, Mo. cop named Darren Wilson.

That's where the rubber meets the road. Because there really are bad people out there and some of them don't go easily into the good night. Some quite honestly have to be beaten and subdued, or hit with Tasers, some have to get shot and killed. You and I didn't invent the world, nor are we in charge of it, nor can we change the culture, nor can we tell people what to do. In the end, people make their decisions all by themselves and cops simply react to them.

We know this and so we send out our best and our brightest, weeding out the bad eggs, and sometimes that's not even good enough. And we tell these kid cops, use your best judgement and so they try and we hold our collective breath. It isn't a perfect system but it's the best we've managed to come up with and mostly it works. And the kid cops expect the law abiding and decent people in their communities to support them and have their back.

When the kid cops desperately need support and turn and look behind their backs, these men and women who we charge to protect us, what do the officers often see? Do they see a collective, unified group of law abiding and decent people protecting them? Nope. Mostly, all they see is blue sky and crickets.

Darren Wilson has discovered that the law abiding and decent folks abandon you quickly. Because they fear for themselves. They don't have your kind of courage Darren Wilson.

Michael Brown was born innocent with a good heart and assigned all of the same hope we have for our newborns. A lot of shit, mostly bad, probably happened to Michael Brown. Poor, ineffective, or absentee parenting. He was most likely indoctrinated into the current new way of thinking where you are never responsible for your own actions- your poor performance is always the fault of somebody else. There was probably a healthy dose of "hate whitey" from siblings, friends, maybe even his parents. Possibly some mental illness, drug use, those sorts of things. Probably some rap music with it's hate cops themes. Maybe some video games where you kill and splatter things.

We know Michael Brown lacked good parenting because we all know where good people come from. I think everything you need to know can be summed up in the reaction of Michael Brown's stepfather after the verdict returned.

McSpadden's husband, her son's stepfather, wrapped her in his arms before turning to the crowd, screaming: "Burn this bitch down."

Pretty much says it all doesn't it? Things tend to always makes sense when you look at them hard enough. That's who was raising Michael Brown. Here's the harsh truth and I cannot make apologies for it because if I do- I will compromise my message and gawd knows- there's no shortage of weasel language out here.

Michael Brown clearly never had any decent role models to latch onto. It certainly wasn't his step father or apparently a mother who married a man capable of rendering such a statement. Michael Brown was raised in a culture which blames anything but yourself for your own poor performance or the lowly perch you land on when you don't put in the effort. That isn't a race issue. That's just a shitty performance issue.

If Michael Brown's parents had been any other kind of human beings, maybe they would have supported our legal system instead... and it's obvious flaws which are not news to anyone, quit behaving like victims, and asked people not to riot, to remain calm, to be decent human beings and emotionally prepare themselves for the adverse outcome that they received. They had plenty of time to prepare.

You get the feeling they were raised just like Michael was. They had their chance and they blew it.  "Burn this bitch down." That was the best idea they could come up with.

Of course it makes sense now- now we can see inside Michael Brown.

And yes as a matter of fact, I am tired of treating these miscreants like grieving victims. You don't want me in charge of the world. In Brian's world, I am so heartless that I'd consider charging Michael Brown's parents with inciting a riot simply to send the message that we are tired of angry mobs terrorizing decent people. I'd like to be sympathetic but "burn this bitch down" is simply not an acceptable form of expressing one's grief months after an event has taken place. Of course, this is just fantasy. The good law abiding cowards that pretend to support our rule of law would all go missing the moment I invoked my Draconian measures. Crickets.

I'm not sure that Michael Brown ever stood much of a chance. It's a shame that the last batter in the bottom of the 9th inning has to take the blame for the loss- when it was really the whole team that failed long before Darren Wilson ever stepped up to the plate.

That's what old cops like me know. The real victim, Darren Wilson age 28, resigned today with hardly a whimper.

Fuck em Darren Wilson. Thank you for your service.

*Here's the one minute, uncut video of Michael Brown in the store. Thanks Nosewetter!

*Another update. Brown's blood levels of THC were twice the legally intoxicating amounts required in several states. He also had some pot on him- facts conveniently missing from the liberal narrative as reported to the sheep.

*Autopsy report released 12/08.


Anonymous said...

There is no defense for bad behavior. These kids are as you pointed out are not held accountable
for their actions. Of course that starts at home. I know that if I tried to pull the crap some of these
kids pull my old man would of put me thru a wall. As you said Brian we are a nation of pussies.
When you finish dead last you get a trophy and are molly coddled. There is no character in kids
or many adults. Gerald Celente said it best ," the fish rots from the head down". The people
at the top are corrupt and that moves down thru the society until it reach's the kids.
The kids mimic the behavior of their environment which involves dysfunctional adults.
Glad I'm old the next twenty years are going to be a bitch.

Compleat Patriot said...

I watched the interview. So setting aside the idiocy of the obviously mentally disturbed deceased youngster were there any other options? Why not break a leg when he's at 20' by double tapping above a knee? Why leave the squad car? Why not roll up the window and use the car to knock Brown down and pin him under the front bumper? Why not keep Brown under visual surveillance until back up arrives where he can be gang tackled and subdued? Why confront an idiot robbery suspect walking the centerline alone? After double tapping the knee why not place the squad car between himself and Brown? A Brown trying to kill Wilson is a Brown trying to kill Brown. Why not save Brown from Brown? Emotion? Lawsuit for crippled leg? Just curious Brian. Wilson seemed like a straight shooter defending himself against what he thought was an attempt on his own life..

And then as far as the idiots burning their own village goes, it always amazes me that people all over the world angry with some other peoples governments or police - militaries what have you, whether or not those agencies are guilty of some unjustness or not always attack the wrong people and the wrong property. No doubt the guys running down the road with new TV sets in their arms loved Mike Brown..

Frankenstein Government said...

You raise the bane of law enforcement everywhere- the Monday morning quarterback gig.

You see, cops actually expect people not to walk down the road and obstruct traffic. The normal reaction to such a request is not an immediate assault by a thug who has the mindset of a guy who just committed a strong arm robbery.

Once Brown made his decision- all bets are off. Under stress and in shooting situations, trust me, you don't have the where with all to stand like stoic marksmen and deliver a shot or two to a 2 inch area of the body. Until such time that our race discovers how to control autonomic nervous sytem reactions, the adrenal glands, heart rate, etc...delivering two shots to a precise area on a moving object will be impossible.

In actuality- the best option would have been not to perform your job at all. That's the message that gets sent when you armchair quarterback these things. I know cops that avoid situations which put their careers in jeopardy...when I say that...I speak of home.


Compleat Patriot said...

That makes sense. Have they ever released a toxicology report on Brown? Sheesh, he had to be baked on something.

Frankenstein Government said...

All they found was pot. They think he smoked it that day. Apparently he couldn't handle his pot.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

I've been waiting for you to write this post,, Brian. I knew you could things in their proper perspective. We have millions of Michael Browns and Micheal Browns in our society. No one, especially those on the political left want to have what Eric "The Racist" Holder calls an honest discussion of the issue. And, you are so right. The problem isn't racial. It's cultural! The Left has been systematically working to erode our culture for the past 100 years. Those with a sense of right and wrong are on the way to becoming a minority.

Anonymous said...

One quality problem leads to at least 10-others, and what you describe is a formative years quality problem set, that eventually led to this fiasco.
IMO-one of the key takeaways is the aftermath. It's crystal clear, at least this admin, will do next to nothing to protect the citizens. It's time to arm up and be prepared to take care of friends and family on our own.
Why wasn't the National Guard and a massive police force presence used? I guess we have to ask Holder & 5-IRON that one. And since they have zero leadership and transparency, all we'll get is WEASEL WORDS.
What should have been done:

Massive National Guard presence to protect all vital facilities (police HQ, electric, water, etc.), stores and large property complexes, like apartments. Homeowners unite and protect their turf. Police manage the crowds and hot spots. Police should have had a MASSIVE number of dogs and horses.
IF the Ferguson animals want to act like animals, use animals to police them. Those looting would stand a chance against attack dogs.
I heard today 5-Iron has 3-meetings scheduled on policing minority communities.

Frankenstein Government said...

Excellent thoughts and of course...accurate. There was a story that 15 armed men protected a strip mall with guns displayed. Their property was not looted or burned.

That's how it works.


blurred said...

Law abiding store owner gets strong-arm robbed

Few months later, he gets his store burned down

Michael Brown is then referred to as the victim.

That is the definition of insanity.

Frankenstein Government said...

Thanks Jim. And thanks for reposting it over at your place.


Anonymous said...

That's not Mike Brown in that video.

Brian said...

I think it is. I've done a lot of research on the lad.