Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Time To Default- Bailing Out the Biggest Loser, The U.S. Government, Is Even Worse Than Bailing Out Too Big To Fail Banks

Well so far, the Republicans in the House have drafted and passed two budget bills. Both were defeated by the Kleptocrats.

The Kleptocrats in the Senate? How many bills or budgets have they passed in the least 800 days? Ah, precisely zero.

I see how Obama, the Senate, and the media keep score. The Republicans do all of the work and then the unholy trinity blames the Republicans. It is a fascinating bunch of idiots that occupy those seats.

So the Kleptocrats think they are going to save the day. They are using that same short sighted political expediency that they think will get them re-elected next year. The same self serving expediency that has landed us in this mess. They think they will stick Reid's plan in front of the Republicans and that the Republicans will capitulate. That the U.S. is going to have to take the increased 3 trillion dollar ceiling plan at the last minute and all of the Kleptocrats will be happy. They will all be saved. Just like the bankers.

It's time to default. We compounded the credit mistake by bailing out banks in 2008. We now realize how stupid that was. We gained nothing. The same scenario is here. This time, the government wants to be bailed out. It's time to stop bailing out losing propositions. If you spend beyond your means, you are supposed to pay a penalty. That penalty should have been the death of TBTF banks in 2008. The penalty for a government that cannot live within it's means in 2011? The same. Let's default and start over. It's the only thing that makes sense.

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Greenleaf said...

I agree 100%-it's not really a default as GOVERNMENT would continue paying our seniors and military...oh wait, you don't think President Motown would create a true crisis and with hold payment from them, do you?

I put nothing past this lying sack of shit and his Chicago Way cronies