More Winning the Future

Nobody loves Obama like Obama.

The nation's cheerleader and the man who single handedly put an end to Osama's reign of terror, now on television (CNBC) and talking about how we have created 2 million jobs- mostly at McDonald's.

Obama just got pre-empted by breaking news on Greece after making jokes about gas prices and filling up his motorcade. Greece thinking of leaving the euro zone.

Dow immediately tanks 50 points.

Obama had to tactically release that birth certificate of his prior to any nominated opponent making it's non-disclosure an embarrassing campaign issue.  Everything is now proceeding on schedule. Osama Bin Laden could never have known that his death would kick off Obama's 2012 re- election campaign. 

That's winning the future, Obama style.


davecydell said…
Really like Dialed In, but the price is a
little short, at least six have a strong shot.
davecydell said…
Uncle Mo was no classic distance horse, nice miler. The USG BS was played.
Brian said…
I am having a tough time with this group of horses. I always stick with dosage. Anything higher than a 4.0 is a toss out. Gonna go check them out again...

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