The "Keeping Time" Has Arrived- The Sunday Collage

 Mrs. Elizabeth Powel asked Benjamin Franklin the question. What do we have, a republic or a monarchy? Franklin answered, "A republic if you can keep it."

Probably historically true. 

In a republic, the power to govern is held by the people or their elected representatives. By consent. We have checks and balances for those representatives, and we have a rule of law. That theory was meant to keep an oppressive government at bay. To keep them from acquiring too much power

In a democracy, the people directly make every decision. There are no representatives. Democracies often devolve into mob rule democracies. Like the one we have now.

A republic is meant to protect the minority from the oppression of the majority. A rule of law is what keeps it civil. A minority member's interests are protected. Until the mob takes over.

Now we can debate who, what, when, and how we have lost our republic. We can even debate whether we still have one or not. On paper, we might have a republic. In reality, we have a liberal majority that has taken over our communications, our healthcare, and is now targeting our representatives with a myriad of criminal charges.

In short, the minority is no longer protected from the oppression of the majority. The majority is setting about the task of eliminating it's enemies, imposing it's will, and intimidating people into "join up or suffer the consequences" decisions that mob families used to offer. Allowing millions to cross our border swells the majority ranks.

Indeed, we have arrived at the keeping time.

With 100% certainty, not one of us have lived through an American Revolution or Civil War. But there are a number of common threads that bind those two events.

People don't want to be ruled and told what to do, or how to live. Just like southern states didn't appreciate being told what to do- or else. Come to think of it, the American Indians didn't like it either.

That's what defines those moments. The colonists and the southern states were minority participants being oppressed by a majority that were telling them what to do and how to live. We know how they responded. In another day, I referred to the minority as "no" people.

The "no" people are getting pissed off. They are receiving no representation, no offers of compromise, no rule of law. Indeed, the government is simply setting about the task of eliminating the "no" people through taxation, criminal charges, suppression of free speech. Now they are going to try and erase the "no" people's representative and a few of his soldiers.

This drama is unfolding right before your eyes. It also comes with a deadline. The first Tuesday of November- a little over one year away.

Oh don't get me wrong. I don't think we are voting ourselves out of this mess. The oppressive majority has that covered.

Like erosion, our rights are whittled away, one by one over time until we have the cumulative mess we have now. The majority has no interest in leveling the playing field. They will destroy any protections. Indeed they are chipping away at that right now.

What remains to be seen is just how far the majority is willing to push their agenda but more importantly- is how the minority will respond. What will unfold in the national drama playing out right now will absolutely change the course of American history. This will be the year from hell. Make no mistake about it. Dramatic? Absolutely.

The keeping time is here.



AM said…
The Keeping Time has been approaching for decades. People have gotten so used to complacency that they simply refuse to shake out of it. September 11th is a timely reminder of just how high the stakes are and how low the government's regard for the American people is. We all know that we no longer have a representative government, and yet people still expect government to solve their problems. As for the moronic ostriches that we encounter to the left and the right, it's not worth exerting the energy spent on convincing those who refuse to see. Neither is it viable to whine and moan, as we have been collectively doing since the JFK assassination. It is time to step up, make an effort and push back. It is time to move from passive to active with concrete, positive actions. The polite voice that continually nags and persists. Time to assert our rights, and to stop giving ground. Start locally.

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