Sunday, November 6, 2011

We Won't Need To Extinguish The Government- They Will Do It Themselves

Imagine that a member of the mafia has decided to provide "protection" for your family business. The mafia will take 40% of your profits. You have no appeal. The mob even manages to pass a law that states that you must pay the bill or go to jail. You keep paying the bill for years. The mafia steals what little you have. You receive little or nothing in return. In the meantime, you try everything. You try talking to the cops and your politicians. They don't care. You get a lawyer and petition the legislature. You try everything you can think of. Nothing works. You are a hostage. You are truly a victim. You have done nothing wrong yet the law no longer protects the innocent. It protects the corrupt.

The mafia's fraud and waste begins to mount. They have been reckless and careless. As they begin to realize they are on the verge of bankruptcy they start increasing the amounts they forcibly take from you. As the amount they steal approaches 50, 60, and then 70%- you begin to realize that not only will they never stop taking from you but that you are now a hostage and a slave. Your life deteriorates. You finally do the only thing you can do- short of murder. You simply quit paying the people who are extorting from you. You shut the business and kill their revenue stream. You take your chances.

Think this is far fetched? In America, there is no rule of law left. The law protects the corrupt. Law abiding people have no voice- we are simply sheep to be fleeced.  Congress refuses to engage in meaningful campaign reform, bank reform, or tax reform. They refuse to term limit themselves, they even refuse to quit insider trading. They have become a lawless thugocracy. Listen to Nancy Pelosi's gibberish and lies when she gets questioned and caught regarding her inside investing activities.


I used to pay taxes because I thought it was necessary for government to operate. I actually thought of "tax paying" as my duty. That is no longer true.

I have spent a career in law enforcement. I used to believe in government. I can no longer say that. I can no longer support a thugocracy that simply steals from it's law abiding citizens and protects the criminals. There have been no criminal prosecutions and there are no meaningful reforms. We are quickly approaching that point where common sense minded individuals will begin to realize that not only can they no longer pay taxes but even if they could- they can no longer afford to.

In fact, that's why I personally believe we have a nation of tax "cheats." We have tax "cheats" because the more our government is willing to steal- the more it's citizens are willing to "cheat" the thieves. The higher tax rates go- the more people will quit paying. That's simply a fact of life.

The government caused this. They cannot resolve the problem by locking up millions. They cannot escape. They have a debt they cannot pay- and a people that cannot pay it. The U.S. government killed it's golden goose.

I have to tell you that as the "super committee" tries to come up with 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts- that even if they can identify places to cut- the cuts are meaningless. That paltry amount will only cover 8 months worth of this years deficit on a new tax shortfall of 1.8 trillion. A shortfall that was recently revised upward by 300 billion. Go figure. Tax receipts are lower than the government projected. Who could have seen that coming? Check this out. Very recent.

* As of November 1, 2011, the official debt of the United States government is $15.0 trillion ($14,971,831,021,178).[1] This amounts to:

• $48,445 for every person living in the U.S.[2]
• $127,379 for every household in the U.S.[3]
• $318,447 for every U.S. household that pays more in federal taxes than they receive in benefits from the federal government[4]

What you are witnessing now is a government that ultimately will self extinguish. I used to think that we had to intervene and stop that from happening. I now see government suicide as a promising and necessary event. Like letting too big to fail banks fail. We need this economic failure to bring about a level of pain that will instantly cause this apathetic nation to get off it's collective ass and reform. Don't show the process any quarter or mercy. It will be painful and there will be a lot of rhetoric, blame, and lies. There will be escalating taxes, demonstrations, pissed off people. Like a dying fire, all that remains to be seen is that precise moment when the last ember finally grows cold. For 50 years, people like Nancy Pelosi and this government- fueled the fire. The fire is just about out. I feel pretty confident about that and absent a miracle- I am just as confident that sometime soon we are all going to have to clean up the ashes of this fire and build a new one. I can hardly wait.

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rawmuse said...

In a way the Greeks are the trend setters. Don't know if you have ever been there (I have, even recently), but the people there love their big government, their pensions, their social safety nets, etc. BUT, they cheat their asses off when it comes to taxes. This is endemic to the Greek personality. It is why things are the way they are there.