Tremendous Surge in 18-49 Year Old Fatalities Puzzling Authorities- Yet No Mystery Here

I've been reading about the huge surge in deaths as reported by a midwest life insurance group late last week.

About 20 months ago when this covid madness was in full bloom, I had a molar crack and become infected. This nasty toothache had me calling about 5 dentists until I found one that was actually open. The butcher of La Verkin not only charged me 650 bucks for the extraction but he drilled a nice gouge in the side of my tongue- a significant pain which persisted for nearly a month. It was a gouge which was easily visible on my tongue right next to the now missing molar. When I informed the dentist that I suspected he had nicked my tongue- he told me that I must have bit down on it instead.

It wasn't until a week or so later that it dawned on me- you can't bite your tongue when the tooth next to it has been extracted. Getting gouged twice by this dentist certainly meant there would not be a third time.

This incident kicked off a series of medical events, hernia operations, ICU style covid, retina surgery, and trying to schedule a colonoscopy.

It has been a giant pain in the ass- particularly scheduling the colonoscopy. I'm not here to whine about my medical maladies but rather to offer a premise for the outstanding number of deaths the USA has been experiencing in that 18-49 age group. Not only do I believe in this 4-sigma event, but I am also witnessing it firsthand. 

1. Cost. The vast majority of Americans in the 18-49 group have high deductible insurance. This means they might have to come up with as much as 15,000 dollars out of pocket before any financial help kicks in from these wonderful ACA health insurance policies. I think people in this age group will put off procedures, particularly if they think the procedure can wait. Disease processes do not wait.

2. Availability. The absolute hysteria created by the media surrounding covid has caused a complete back up in scheduling elective procedures. Not only are covid patients consuming bed and appointment space, but health providers are eliminating unvaccinated staff and creating staffing shortages. Trying to work full time and getting in to see a provider is a slow, cumbersome process. Today I tried to get through a health portal, I drove in person to my doctor's office for a referral, and for approximately the 6th time (including unreturned phone calls and emails)- in a couple months filled with holidays- I will try to schedule a 1700-dollar procedure I am paying for myself.

3. Vaccine deaths. I am a conspiracy theorist. I absolutely believe the government in its vaccination frenzy, is most certainly under reporting adverse reactions caused by vaccines- including death. The instance of heart problems including pericarditis and heart attack are being reported all over the globe- yet here in the U.S. we hear crickets in the legacy media about adverse effects. However, you will hear daily about some unvaccinated person who dies. This has been standard fare for months. Who benefitted the most from covid? Big pharma, hospital systems, and the US Congress/President/and government bureaucrats all of whom are bought and paid for by the big pharma/hospital lobby.

4. Poor treatment options. Doctors and hospitals have absolutely refused to treat people in the US- BEFORE they get sick. Ivermectin is most effective when used preventatively, hydroxychloroquine can also be used preventatively. Yet this government doesn't say shit about prevention other than push these vaccines which don't even slow the transmissibility of covid.

This also includes the ability to shop around in markets that have vacant beds- yet patients are prevented by their health insurers from seeking health care outside of their designated market. This is a luxury of cash payers like myself- I can literally go where I need to get a procedure done.

5. Collateral damage exists throughout the system. Disease processes are going untreated. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health are falling through the cracks. The murder rates- generally caused by those three things- are creating homicide rates we have never seen in urban areas. Even the covid masks cause breathing issues. 

6. Deteriorating US healthcare. Our healthcare system is held hostage by the ACA and hospitals who would rather focus on profit margins rather than great outcomes. We see this in virtually every ranking system worldwide and in fact- our mortality rate actually went down significantly last year.

How many deaths are accounted for here? I bet I captured 90% of our surplus, 18-49 death rate. I cannot think of anything I missed. Our national healthcare system has become kind of a dog-eat-dog system with several different pieces all contributing. 

The soaring death rates are tragic but amidst this leaderless group exercise we are enduring- I don't see any chance of improvement until the winter of '22-23 and some additional reforms thereafter. Until then we are stuck with this ailing system. One wonders just how bad this will get. 



Irish said…
Good morning Brian

Regarding Las Vegas:

Take a look at this and then some of the links in the comments

Here is one video in particular:

All the best

riverrider said…
you forgot fentanyl overdose. the numbers are huge. courtesy of china as well, via the southern border.thanks brandon..
6 minutes 46 seconds... You can handle it...
MMinWA said…
You're not a conspiracy theorist if it's true. And it is.

I had to use my gal's computer for a week while I got some parts for my Mac. She's running MicrosoftEdge.

Holy Fuck, the articles about the Stop The Mandates March in DC were just plain hateful. They used the most vile slurs on men like Drs Malone, Cole & McCollough. These men are brilliant and have been working in their fields for decades but now because they're raising very legitimate concerns, they're lunatics.

And they saved the harshest vitriol for RFK Jr. I've never been a fan of his but I've listened to his concerns and he lays out solid evidence in his book against Fauci and big pharma.

Even insurance companies have reported a 40% increase in the all cause of death numbers in the 1 year since we started injecting people with an experimental drug. World class athletes are dropping dead from heart attacks. Some countries are reporting over 2/3 of all new hospital cases are people that have been injected.

Another one I've never been a fan of is Hugh Hewitt but I'm still feeling my way around the radio dial here and occasionally I'll tune in. He flat out said the vax was safe yesterday. Literally a million adverse effects reported on VAER and over 10,000 deaths. To a government agency that has made it intentionally difficult to file a report(over 1/2 hour required) that has resulted in under reporting estimated to be as high as 95%!

One story out of Australia's Open that was quickly quashed was that 4 tennis players had to withdraw because of severe chest pains and a ball girl collapsed on court. I've been a huge tennis fan all my life and was sorely disappoint that Novak was deported. But even more disappointing was NOT ONE player had his 6. No one stood up for him. That pretty much kaboshed professional tennis for me. I wondered when REgressives were going to get around to fucking it up, guess I can stop wondering now

A great nexus is It's Mike Adams' brainchild. He's a hoot as well as really plugged into nutrition and politics. He has a daily podcast that I love, great sense of humor(He's down with some throat problem) that's at

I just posted some vax facts in a back & forth on reddit and was banned in under 10 minutes. Fact is Brian, the vaxiodts will not be swayed. They're pissed that there is a relaxation in some states about masking, they could murder the SCJs for killing the "vaccine" mandates and blame inflation & empty shelves on people who won't get injected.

Their attitude is like that of Stephen Smith, the guy on ESPN who almost died from the Chinese flu and said he was so glad he had been vaccinated otherwise he probably would have died!!!!!!

There's light at the end of the tunnel but the battle is far from over,

Brian said…
My sister is an anti vaxxer, anti nullshit gal living in Raymond, Wa. They used to live in Seattle before the Mayor and Council decided to go all in communist. It started just before the bicycle helmet law and the everyone must wear a life preserver in the bathtub law.

At any rate, my sister bought 5 copies of Kennedy's book. She sent me a copy. It is so thoroughly researched and well documented that Fauci can't even sue him. You can't sue for defamation when it's the truth you are alleging. I have never seen a book get 5000 five star reviews on Amazon so I'm about to start in. The bubble in my eye, there since surgery mid December, makes reading a slow and somewhat arduous process,

Stephen Smith is mostly a dipshit. I tend to tune him out when I see him on a sports channel. I didn't know he had the vaxx or nearly died- I'll go read about that.

I have had 2 liberals and 2 liberal leaners ghost me on Facebook. One of them was a former girlfriend who was scolding me for my "cavalier" attitude after I nearly died of covid. I've had enough of her shit, and her daughter's holier than thou shit, and so I let them have it. Obviously the message they were sending was that I was some idiot that should have learned his lesson. The message I sent back was if you were any kind of friend at all, you might just wish me well like I do when any of my friends, vaxxed or not, is ill or dying.

One of my friends, a former sheriff and I thought a good guy, ghosted me after his daughter chewed my ass out on a thread. It was nasty. She said it was my self centered fault that allowed this disease to be passed and thus- bring harm to others. So I let her have it with both barrels- called her comments caustic and disrespectful and told her I was surprised she would say that to me. Her father then unfriended me. I even hate to use that sill term.

In the meantime, every one in our family has been surviving quite nicely using the vita C,D, zinc, and Ivermectin cocktail. When I went to the hospital on the vent, it scared a few of my friends into getting the jab. I wondered why the IVM I took didn't work- my doctor said I should have been taking it before getting covid and I should have upped my dose. As it stands, I think I survived the vent because of the five doses I took before getting hospitalized.

I am most upset with our countrymen who are imposing their will on us like it's some virtuous right they possess. Like the pussies that let Australia play kick ball with the tennis player. The absolute worst I have seen is 5 year olds masked and getting jabbed. They have lost their fucking minds.

Then yesterday, I read about a guy dying in the NE I believe who was taken off the heart transplant list because he won't take the vax. Now we have these assholes deciding who lives and dies based on some unproven propaganda. That's how far left of center this insane shit has become.

I cannot tell you what I would do if they did this to one of my siblings or my wife. We'd be discussing matters over a gunsight- which of course I would lose- but it is time to find a hill to die upon. This shit has gone wayyyyy too far.

If nothing else, we have learned how a population can be controlled and manipulated. I now see how the third reich became so popular. I have also seen now how public hysteria drove 140,000 Japanese Americans to concentration camps all over the interior west.

It's all about fear. The single greatest human motivator of all time. Fear something deeply enough and a human being can justify doing anything.

Thanks for swinging by Patriot and MM- gonna check out Brighteon.

Family has been V poisoned by the enemy.. That is on them they were warned at the start of this depopulation campaign... What is going on is intentional mass genocide under the guise of medical salvation.. This will escalate to arrests and detainment's and refusal to comply will result in being euthanized.. I'm not afraid to call an ace an ace.. FK em.. The brown nosing brown shirt cowards will lock us out of the economy then round us up. I will smile and call them what they are until they shut me up, murderer's.. I will not lift up my hand against them because that is what they want. They if taken under those circumstances to be executed would cry like babies..Because they are cowards.. Leaving this flesh behind means nothing to me, other than being released from a dungeon which is what the host body is.. Their purpose is to get us to screw ourselves out of the release of this mortal liability by any means, picking up the gun is one of those means..It's all about the light energy soul essence..Which is what the demons want. Greg..
Chris said…
Hi an Australian bloke here (just call me Aussie). I have be following Brians blog for several years.
Now, I am a school bus driver and on my bus run, I have to wear a mask, to me that's ok! (more for show than go, if your farts can come through your underpants and your jeans, then what's to stop a germ getting though your mask, I ask)!

Now, I pick up students from the ages of 5 yrs to 17 yrs of age on my daily school day runs.
As you may know the Australia Govt has mandated those of the ages of 5 yrs old and up are to be vaccinated!

Back to the school bus run, students under the age of 12 yrs do not have to wear a mask on the bus, but those over the age of 12 yrs have to wear a mask! But they all sit next to each other and I have a family of three on my run and two are under 12 yrs and the other is over 12 yrs, so one is masked and the other two are not?
This is the same all over Australia on all school bus runs.

Now in schools (primary school student ages 5 to 12 yrs) the classes are segregated into class groups, so as not to mix with other classes at recess and lunch times by the teacher in charge, but when it's time to go home they are herded into the bus for the run home being mixed up, sitting next to students from other classes (I hope you can make some sense out of this logic?)
Over here the Media is full on with complete saturation on covid daily, hourly.

I don't listen to or watch TV/Radio these days it is an insult to my intelligence to try to make sense of it all. But I had to drive the companies work ute to another location to relive another driver for a couple of months and the radio in the vehicle was stuck on a certain station and I just listened to this shock jock to see what's happening. I had to reply to him, but not on the radio as they get the shits and cut you off, then make fun of you on the radio.
So I sent him an email back back in late 2021 (when this happened), as this jock at the start of his radio show talks about so many cases of covid and list the number is each capital city and state, thus in reality is just causing panic.

So in my email, to ask him of the deaths that he is talking about that are related to just covid alone and not pre-existing ailments that the person had.
Well he responded by saying go away, yes go away was his response.
So I sent another email with the response "OH THE TRUTH HURTS" his reply to my second email was very very vicious and threatening, so I replied to this dick head any more emails (as he sent another in the same vein) will be treated with legal action, thus he stoped sending emails. But! he still carried on with his mindless ramblings on the radio.

Now I just take care of myself and family.
Take care you all.

Brian said…
Dear Chris,

Thank you for commenting here. The same stupid shit being deployed by Australia's over reaching government is the same stupid shit they have tried here.

By suppressing the effectiveness of hydroxy and ivermectin- big pharma and our government helped destroy the world. Not only killing millions of people needlessly but doing so out of pure greed.

Read Kennedy's book, the "Real Athony Fauci" and discover how and why all this shit went down like it did. Over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Thanks again,

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