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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Creature From Jekyll Island

In 1984, I took a severe brow beating from a lawyer. He was a prosecutor and one of the most supremely arrogant men I have ever met. I was just an angry and frustrated young cop. It wasn't that he was wrong, it was his condescending delivery littered with insults that enabled me to pin my blue ribbon ass hole award on him. Today, that conversation might end differently. I was young and had plenty of restraint and patience back then. Unfortunately, since that time, I have used up all of my remaining supplies of those virtues. I will say this. That man taught me a very important lesson. I owe him.

Don't get mad, get better.

During my second year of public writing (blogging) I had written a piece on the national debt. It was 2006 and little did I know that our debt which was growing was about to go supernova. A reader schooled me on the FED and the creation of money. I simply didn't have the knowledge I needed to mount even a half-ass defense. I was embarrassed. My ignorance was on display. It was time to get better.

After that online brow beating, I watched Zeitgeist- the five part series on the FED and the creation of money on You Tube- which had been suggested by that commenter. It whet my appetite. In fact, I did what he suggested. I ordered a book.

That book became the piece de resistance of my hurried education. I will say this. It was the most enlightening book I have ever read on money, on bankers, on the creation of the FED and how it was done. Parts of it are quite extraordinary. It reads like a spy novel at points and the book is factually and historically correct. In fact, the original players by and large, have confessed.

Two things happened to me after reading, "The Creature From Jekyll Island." The first thing I came to believe was that the vast majority of Americans, in excess of 95% and probably higher, don't know a damn thing about money creation and debt, the FED, or the insanely crooked shit that continues to this very day. This is not an oversight. Banking interests, unelected bankers, and the government have absolutely no vested interest in telling you the truth. It is counter productive to their goals. They are the beneficiaries. Why would they tell you that they have been exploiting you when they intend on continuing to do so?

The other observation I have made is that you simply cannot have an informed discussion about money creation, debt, or the FED with someone who has not read this book. It is simply a waste of time. I gave away my copy of that book long ago. Recently I went to the public library in Boise. All four copies were out. I view that as a good thing.

You are watching the financial world imploding. If you can't buy the book, watch the 12 part series on You Tube. It might be the best time you'll spend all year. Most people are shocked. I know I was.

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