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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Airport Shuttle Indicator and Moonbat Suicide

Yesterday in Reno, I had the good fortune to find a shuttle driver who agreed to drive me to the airport. He was a young man, maybe 30, and hispanic. We were alone. He had no idea that I was a world famous blogger testing a theory.

That theory is based on President Obama's falling polls. The blacks are still giving Obama an 80% approval rate but among hispanics and voters under 30, Obama's numbers are falling like a rock. So it was- my shuttle driver claimed membership in the latter two groups. I asked him a simple question- about jobs in Reno. From that moment- it was on like donkey kong.

Initially, I think my guy was an Obama fan. He blamed all of the problems in the U.S. on anything but Obama. Then he started talking about the new jobs bill. He said if they would just pass it- everything would be ok. I asked him, "you mean like the last one, the one where they spent nearly a trillion dollars and our economy got even worse, and people stole stimulus money?" Places like Solyndra? He paused briefly (not sure he knew what I was talking about) and continued talking about how politicians are idiots especially the two women...which I couldn't find anything to argue about. He kept saying that they couldn't get in the "house." He said neither one had a chance.

I liked this guy. He wasn't completely up on things but he knew the general themes. It is amazing to me that guys like this can vote but the only thing they are really indoctrinated with is that Democrats are good for them. They believe this. That is how the socialist party has gained so much traction. Have you noticed how every smaller demographic in the country lines up with the Moonbats? Every sub-group it seems- gays, hispanics, abortion supporters, environmentalists, blacks, college students and largesse seekers, they all line up with the Moonbats. The GOP never gets any subgroups. They get old white America. That's it. At any rate...

I did mention to the shuttle driver that Obama's numbers were dropping particularly among the groups he was in. That's all I said. You see Obama did an excellent job of polarizing this country into two camps. The poor picked on smaller demographic v. the rest of us. I am simply trying to do some repair work.

I get a feeling the tide is changing. I liked the shuttle driver not because I agreed with his politics but because he was so naively honest and willing to talk. Since the ride was free, I left him with a big tip and I breezed through the TSA juggernaut. I hope guys like the shuttle driver begin to see the light. It is all about money and power. It always is. And it always has been. I think the Moonbats are losing strength. Big time. They have spent us into oblivion and they are going to have to steal every penny they can to get us out and the truth is they can't. About the time Obamacare recipients start hitting every hospital in America- our debt is going supernova. I really believe you can stick a fork in the Moonbat Party. They have committed suicide. They just don't know it yet.

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