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Friday, September 16, 2011

Several Places Now Reporting That Solyndra May Have Received a Second Loan

Wow. This Solyndra story just gets more interesting all the time. Now some places are speculating that Solyndra may have gotten a second loan pay off from the government for 469 million which now equals 1 billion dollars. Lost.

Government and Obama not talking. Not surprised.

More wow. Skip to the bottom to save time.


Anonymous said...

The restructuring is, I think, the real scandal here. No conventional lender would ever give up their first in line position. This was a political payoff of the most blatant kind.

Brian said...

Obama is shameless. I think he thinks we are too stupid to fig out his ploy. Even if we do...watcha gonna do about it?

Always On Watch said...

Whoever gets the GOP nomination had better harp on this story!

The more investigation that is done, the more such corruption is going to be found. I'm sure of that!