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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Solyndra Cover Up Begins In Earnest, Which Begs the Question, Can We Safely Assume That Ducks Have Water Tight Anuses?*

* Anuses is really a word. I changed the word assholes to reflect the new sensitive family programming here at Frankenstein Government.

Late last night I saw this article on Yahoo. It is about Solyndra. No where in this article does it mention George Kaiser, billionaire campaign bundler and personal campaign contributor to Obama. It does not mention that Kaiser owns Solyndra through a shell corporation of his, Argonaut Ventures.

Should I be amazed? The crony capitalists, the media, the government, it's all one big orgy and you aren't invited. Check this statement out. You just know this is complete bullshit. This is a President who involves himself in everything. From beer summits, to canning Inspector Generals, to canning GM executives like Rick Wagoner. This is a President who can't keep out of anything. And you want me to believe that a billionaire Obama campaign contributor and bundler, a guy that visited Obama in the WH, was not given preferential treatment for government loans? Go sell your bullshit somewhere else. The burden of proof in my mind, given Obama's track record, lies with Obama. The statement from the WH:

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the White House did not influence the Solyndra loan, which he said was made on "a merit-based process" by DOE.
"There's no evidence that the White House was involved in the loan," Carney said Thursday. Emails that show White House officials pressuring the administration's budget office about the loan were about scheduling, he said.

No evidence? What kind of a weasel statement is that? Truthful people don't say shit like that. They say I did or I didn't. People looking to beat a rap say things like there is "no proof." Now, I know these bastards are lying. Go with me on this. Let's put George Kaiser on a polygraph. Poste haste.

We know that Obama keeps close ties to people like George Kaiser. He kisses the collective asses of the rich and elite. We also know that Obama lies and obscures the truth about anything that could possibly cast a bad light on him. This includes but is not limited to smoking dope, snorting cocaine, how he paid for college, what his grades were, his birth certificate and that whole 3 year fiasco, his missing thesis, why he lost his law license, who wrote his fucking books, and that missing Indonesian passport of his circa early 80's. Why he refused to prosecute the thousands of crooked bankers that ripped this country off. His illegal alien aunt and uncle. His Muslim upbringing and hiding that. His other name, Barry Soetoro, and hiding that. Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers and hiding his association with them. Tony Rezko and hiding that. Canning people like Inspector General Walpin and Rick Wagoner for doing their jobs. 

But the lie that ruffles me the most is perhaps the simplest one. Obama did it for a year and a half. Trying to come off like this rational, politically centered, reasonable man. When in fact- he was a stone cold Marxist. At best a socialist, at worst a communist. I don't even think Obama likes this country- running around and apologizing on behalf of the U.S. to every little piss ant dictator- most of whom hate us even though we've bailed their sorry asses out long before Barry walked rare earth.

And while I am at it Barack or whatever your name is, don't you ever apologize on my behalf again. You don't have my permission and I'll decide who I owe an apology to.

So why would I believe anything within this Solyndra article? Why would I believe any denial coming out of this administration's collective mouth? An administration of proven liars? I obtained search warrants from drug addicts and informants that were far more truthful and reliable that this bunch.

Here's the deal. It quacks like a duck, it waddles like a duck. It has feathers, a bill, and webbed feet. It has a water tight asshole and apparently doesn't sink. When exactly President Obama, does the evidence become so overwhelming, that we can safely say- it is a duck?  How many lies, half truths, omitted truths, misleading statements, denials, and sneaky deals do we have to catch this crew in before we say we've had enough?

I don't know for sure. I know this. Telling the truth ain't this administrations' strong suit.


Always On Watch said...

Jay Carney is an egregious liar -- and a bad one, at that. He's not even believable, and on at least one recent occasion, the White House Press Corps laughed at his statement.

ExExZonie said...

Why do you hate solar energy, Brian? Why?


Brian said...