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Monday, September 12, 2011

* Updated Former NYPD Cop Detained By TSA in Kansas City, Details About Alleged Device He Was Carrying Not Forthcoming

Yesterday, I told you about the poor sap that got detained trying to board a Southwest Airlines flight in Kansas City. Part of the nationwide fear mongering.

Today, I tried to find some follow up info on the alleged "device" he was carrying. Nothing. I can't find out his name, what he was carrying, or whether he is in custody or not.  The reason I can't find any of this "public information" out is because TSA doesn't want to give any of that info out.

The man carrying the device once worked for NYPD. At worst- he is some mentally ill guy screwing around with TSA. At best, maybe TSA used high pressure water to open a metronome or some shit. Who knows?

The FBI and the Airport Manager haven't said anything. You get this feeling that they all just want this to go away. Here's what they said about the guy...

Airport spokesman Joe McBride said the airport had heightened security since Thursday because of the 10-year anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks but there was no known threat involving the airport.
He described the customer, a white man in his 50s, as "belligerent" and said he had multiple carry-on bags.

I am a white man in my 50's. Just thinking about TSA and that ugly ass KC airport (if you've seen it) is enough to make me belligerent. Apparently they have a law against being belligerent in Missouri and I've got to remember to put on my happy face lest Joe McBride, the TSA, and the FBI decide to haul me off to some rubber room somewhere.

What about all those weirdos allegedly locking themselves in airplane bathrooms yesterday? Causing fighter jets to scramble? Drunks. No kidding.

* The man detained in Kansas City was formally charged. He was mentally ill and off his meds, according to mom.


Anonymous said...

I'll never forgive Bush for the Patriot Act and the TSA.

ajlounyinjurylaw said...

So, I wonder exactly what he did? TSA sometimes blows thing out of proportion.

Brian said...

He actually wrapped a couple of packages up in duct tape to look like bombs. Then said something like if they opened them they would have a bad day...his mother said he is mentally ill and had not been taking his meds recently...