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Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL Now To Begin Searching Fans; Will Too Much Ever Be Enough For the Statists? Do We Care About the Fourth Amendment or Should We Just Roll Over As Usual?

With due respect to the memory of Osama Bin Laden, the NFL has now asked professional football teams to conduct pat down searches of people attending a football game.

Terry v. Ohio was the Supreme Court case in which the court ruled that the police have the right to pat someone down for weapons in the interest of safety. The case hung on the issue of the 4th amendment and the people's right not to be subjected to unreasonable searches.  Terry v. Ohio did not require probable cause but it did require a "reasonable suspicion" on the part of police.

Now apparently, we have converted the United States into a full blown police state wherein any fearful owner/risk manager on advice of a starving attorney with an over active imagination- can require us to turn in our civil rights. We are now subjected to the whims of imagination. That is what dictates policy in the new and "improved" America.

I wish the NFL owners would have just given the NFL Commissioners the bird. Because the people in this country are trained pigs. They will go to games. They don't care about "patdowns" unless you find their booze. They don't care about issues like civil rights. Entertain me. That's what they care about.

Soon we will subject ourselves to pat downs at movie theaters, art shows, parades, car shows, the PTA meeting, public meetings, AA meetings, garage sales, and maybe stores. It's already happening at schools. Perhaps restaurants. Maybe some gun toting lunatic goes crazy because the cook burnt his chocolate chip pancakes. If only we had searched everyone. We could have prevented this, the statists will say.

How will those NFL owners prevent someone from flying a plane into the stadium? Or dropping some home made bomb? 

I'm not sure exactly when and where we forfeited our fourth amendment rights. Where I turned over my common sense to another's vivid imagination. I carry a gun, legally. I'll be damned if I am going to turn it over at some stadium on behalf of Richard Goodell's imagination.

Reasonable suspicion. That was once the standard in this country. Are we now to believe that this standard has been met at NFL stadiums across the country? When will too much ever be enough? At this point, it's doubtful that the statists will ever be satisfied until we have given up all of our civil rights and turned our lives completely over to the state. Embed GPS chips in our asses.

Geezus. This country has turned into a nation of pussies. Now I know how old men feel.


Anonymous said...

October 26, 2001, is when we lost our 4th Amendment rights. That is the day that George Bush signed into law The Patriot Act from which sprang the DHS and TSA. I will never forgive him.

texlahoma said...

I'm afraid they will put all this security in place for the NFL then do a false flag attack on a college game. Then say:
"See? We need TSA at college games, and high school and grade school, at every event, on the streets, in malls etc."

Brian said...

No kidding. Never thought of that...