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Thursday, September 15, 2011

This Story Leaves Me Speechless

This ain't the America of my youth. The America where we took responsibility for our actions. This story is so wrong on so many fronts- that I think I could write a mini-series about it.

Years ago, reporters asked me what was the single biggest problem facing our city. It was true in small town America and it is true everywhere else in America. We have a sociopathic need to blame everything and everybody else for our decisions and actions. When we don't like how our choices turn out- we find a thieving lawyer, agree to a contingency- and sue. People absolutely refuse to take responsibility for their actions. And there is an army of like minded people more than willing to enable them and profit from them. Starving lawyers are motivated lawyers.

We are circling the drain. Proof here.


Anonymous said...

What has happened to our society, to our culture. I don't have the words to tell you how disgusted I am over this story. I'm going to borrow it and post on it tomorrow.

Always On Watch said...

Are you familiar with Jodi Picoult's novel Handle with Care? Fiction about missing the abortion of a disabled child. Interesting fiction.

Now, it's the real deal???