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Sunday, September 11, 2011

World Renown For Retreating at the First Sign of Danger*, France Moves to Ban The Sales of Gold and Silver With Cash

*A French Canadian reader didn't like my original title too much, so I had to modify it a bit in the interests of diplomacy. Hell, I might have to evacuate to Canada or France. I can't have these guys mentioning that I called them something akin to a substance commonly found on the floor of a chicken coop. My apologies.

Have the French simply given up? Freedom must seem like an illusion over there. 

Wow. I cannot believe I did not hear about this sooner. I am going to have to fact check this.

Let me explain a little something. Central bankers and governments hate gold and silver. The government and banker class support the unlimited and widespread use of their worthless fiat currencies because they can control the quantity. When people rush out and buy precious metals, what they are doing in essence- is telling the government and the bankers to screw off. We don't trust your paper. This of course infuriates the government and the banker class because they cannot control gold and silver nor can they counterfeit it. So they try various tricks to keep people from buying precious metals.

I think it is quite possible that our government will tax actual gold and silver sales so badly that they will render the market and that investment- useless. Our counter move, will of course be, a failure to report sales to the government. The invisible hand. We have our own reporting requirement at the end of this year... Remember that? Yep, they snuck it in the Obamacare bill as a rider. All cash sales above 600 bucks on everything, must be reported.

Maybe France hasn't cornered the market on chicken shititis. Perhaps, we are even ahead of them. But we at least have an excuse. Nobody read the Obamacare bill until we passed it. Nancy Pelosi assured us that not reading bills happens to be common parliamentary procedure. So instead of being chicken shit and waging a little argument here or there, we are most likely just stupid.

The plan is starting to become evident. Trap us with currency, impose the hidden tax called dollar debasement/inflation and punish us for taking steps to avoid those consequences. As enough people begin to bail, identify those people buying PM's and punish them with reporting requirements and taxes. There is simply no other reason to do this. Governments have screwed the pooch. They will even make harmless acts like owning gold and silver punishable by confiscation or taxation.

Here's a translated snip. The French have banned any cash PM sales beyond 450 euros, which by my reckoning after Greece implodes this month, 450 euros will be equivalent to one ham sammich.

Toute transaction relative à l'achat au détail de métaux ferreux et non ferreux est effectuée par chèque barré, virement bancaire ou postal ou par carte de paiement , sans que le montant total de cette transaction puisse excéder un plafond fixé par décret

Any transaction on the retail purchase of ferrous and non ferrous is made by crossed check, bank or postal transfer or by credit card, the total amount of the transaction may not exceed a ceiling set by decree

Paper is poverty... it is only the ghost of money, and not money itself.


recaptureamerica said...

i believe the 600 bux transaction bill was turned down..

Brian said...

It was placed in Obamacare as part of the "funding" mechanism. To my knowledge, it has never been removed although that was talked about.

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