Solargate Now Expanding

Investigation reveals that Solyndra produced no viable product, 1100 employees concur,  and the White House knew that- yet gave them 535 million dollars anyway.

This Solyndra thing is getting mighty interesting. We are beginning to see how Obama pays off his supporters with tax money.

Thanks to Doug Ross.


Anonymous said…
This is airstrikes for peace.

And you should also note how he takes care of people who donated to his opponents. Look at what is happening to Gibson Guitars. This is a business that has followed the law to the T, and they get 20 something armed federal LE agents raiding them. You people think your linving in a free country?? Grow up.
Brian said…
True. Gibson's comptetitors, Obama supporters, have been untouched. Had this happened once or twice, we might call it coincidence- that it happens repeatedly- well I smell a little smoke.

Sorry I missed ya the other day...
Anonymous said…
No prob... Ill be in BOI on 10Oct morning of.. Maybe catch up to you for some coffee

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