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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wall Street Anxiously Awaiting the Dumb and Dead Money

Here it comes!

ZeroHedge is reporting  a 3.8 billion dollar private equity inflow into domestic funds. This is the first significant inflow in about 40 weeks. In the big scheme of things this is not all that much.

Hope springs eternal for a bunch of banks and hedge funds that have been trading an artificially driven market. They've been sitting chilly for nearly two years hoping someone would show up to play. They have to be able to dump that inflated paper on someone. There are no winners if there are no losers. And interestingly enough, earnings reports are facing tougher comparisons.

The only way to drag me into this market is on the short side. Facing 5 months more of open market operations, aka the Bernank ripping off US taxpayers and injecting future tax receipts, only a fool could come in short here.

Sometimes the best play is a non starter. I think that's the proper play here. Don't fill the channel with dumb money.

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