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Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Recovery News and Some Additional Depressing Shit-Ha!

It's getting so bright out here, I gotta wear shades...

Here's a chart CNN Business News put up with proposed Congressional "random" budget cuts. The Repubs are allegedly prepared to cut 2.5 trillion according to the headline. See how that figure (2.5 trillion) corresponds with this list of chump change shit. Economic assistance to Egypt?

I find it fascinating that CNN chose this list at "random."

Here's the full list of tax cuts- not chosen at random. You just have to scroll through this worthless shit to believe it.

I grabbed this snip from an "expert." The California treasurer last year. March to be exact.

California Treasurer William Lockyer is outraged. Standard & Poor's just dropped its rating for municipal bonds issued by his financially maladroit state to single-A, the lowest of any state.
Whatever its rating, this state isn't going to stiff you--probably. Munis "almost never default," says Lockyer. Among general obligation bonds bearing an S&P rating of BBB or higher, "the likelihood of default over a 20-year period is only 0.03%," the treasurer has been telling California's creditors.

Here's Vallejo, Ca. Give em a buck. They'll give you back a nickel. Hey doesn't the IRS still have a 3k cap on losses? *Sinister laugh.

Here's even more evidence that Lockyer knows his "shit."

What would Lockyer say if he had Geithner's job?. Here is a real unbought and unpaid for rating by a rating agency not owned by US banks-DaGong. Here is how they rate US debt. Damn those Chinese.

Here is more recovery news out of New York. Newly elected Governor Cuomo is thinking about slashing 10-12k government jobs. Government jobs are always a  huge net gain anytime you can get rid of them.

This piece had outstanding upside "underdog fights the odds potential" until I got to the bottom. It was very similar to the "pulling out method of contraception."

I was gonna wrap this piece here. I threw in one for the road. Read only if you've taken your meds today. Keep an eye out for a rider on a pale horse.

From the crew at SixMeatBuffet.

It gets worse.

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