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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Ones For You OMNI...

Every once in awhile, I come across a comment on a blog that is so prescient and lucid, that it simply bears repeating. This one comes from the Economic Collapse blog and is offered with no further comment. No improvement needed.

I am amazed everytime I read one of these articles.
The answer to our problems was put in place by our founding fathers and still exists today. At this point, the Federal Gov no longer serves the people and instead is acting as the agent of the bankers. We must remember that the States are VOLUNTARY members of the US. The process in front of us is simple.
1.) People need to pressure their state governors for succession from the US. This would be great if done as a mass movement with all states voting for succession on the same day. I bet, with this economy and the loest level of satisfaction with the Feds seen in our history, you would have an effect similar to what happened with the vote in Missouri on the Healthcare law.
2.) The states, now no longer part of the Fed, now collect half the taxes the Feds did and let the populace have the other half.
3.) The State ratify a new Constitution and reform a government based on our orginal founding principals.
Problems solved. The Fed is gone, the Fed Reserve is gone, the bankers go belly up, the States are out of budget crisis, and people can get back to work again.
It’s time to dissolve the US as it is known and to form a government again by the people and for the people.


Wraith said...

I've been wanting this to happen for some time now, but there are a few least for Arizona.

If we secede, we'll be landlocked between a US pissed at us for leaving and a Mexico pissed about 1070. The Peoples Republik of Kali will never pull themselves away from the DC teat, so if we don't get at least NM and TX on board, we're pretty much doomed.

Of course, with Martinez and Perry at the helms, we might actually be able to make it a viable option. That is, if the Obama administration decides to let us go without a fight(which I view as unlikely).

The next few years are going to be interesting.

rawmuse said...

The last experiment in secession went poorly, half a million deaths, loss of states rights, etc. Of course, whenever someone points this out, they get accused of being pro-slavery, but today we don't have slavery. Oh, wait, we do. It is called debt slavery, we and all of our progeny are all debt slaves to the Feds, who have so far found no level of personal intrusion that they can't make worse.

Brian said...

RM..the slavery issue was worth fighting for. It just has to get corrected. When I think back on a people who believed human beings were cattle or property, I can't help but wonder...what the fuck were they thinking? I can only hope, that inserted in that time frame, I would still think the same way. Secession is different. I truly believe we are all in agreement that our Federal Gov is out of control. In that sense we are not divided.

Wraith. Just wait a couple more years. By that time, everyone in this country will be ready to form a lynch mob. Secession will look negotiable and peaceful to millions. I believe that.