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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Public Service Announcement From Frankenstein Government

The Moonbat Valley Express. My old hometown paper.

I read it for one reason only. The lefty rhetoric never ends. It is sooo predictable and amusing. The priorities of that newspaper in descending order are money, Obama, everything left, nanny government. They hate anything conservative, free speech if it does not agree with them, Sarah Palin, and mostly Sarah Palin.

For 25 years of my life, I was exposed to that paper. It didn't matter whether you read it or not, it just kinda leaks and oozes moonbat radiation all over you. During the great election of 2008, while they were fawning and drooling over dear leader and his alleged Ivy League genius, I was trying to find some evidence of that genius. I am still searching. It is like the Lost Dutchman Mine. Or Bigfoot.

Every once in awhile, I dress in camoflage. I enter the MVE comments section under a particularly insane article filled with moonbat mentality and asshattery and I link the story to some nasty blog I have written about these mo-mo's. I know I have scored a direct hit when they delete my comments from the comment section.

I am 5-0. I own the Moonbat Valley Express. One of my most recent sneak attacks and victories occurred over an article about a bunch of well intentioned local kids there that wanted to outlaw trans fat in restaurants. True. Junior moonbats. I had one of those insane cop flashbacks. Knock. Knock. Who's there? "Transfat detectives. We have a warrant for your chicken cooker. Drop that basket or we'll shoot."

So what I am going to do today is post a link to a special story they concocted yesterday. It is called, "Limit the Size of Ammo Clips." Had our Arizona shooter Loughner brought two or more guns to the mall, they might have written an article called "Limit the Number of Guns People Can Carry."

By the way lefties, we call them magazines, not clips. Those things you guys use- are not called roach magazines. So we understand your confusion.

The moonbats forget, that their law, the federal form we all must fill out when we buy guns- failed. Oops. Mentally Ill Guy-1, Nanny Government 0.

Because you see, more laws are always the answer for moonbats. Whether or not they can actually be enforced, or whether they actually work, is never their concern. Nor do they bother asking anyone who knows. Loughner lied on the form at Sportsman's Warehouse when he bought the gun. Ok, well if that law doesn't work, let's ignore it and pass a new law. We have to do something, don't we?

If you are a conservative, a sportsman, a gun owner, a public servant, or anyone with an IQ above 79- I'd like you to click on the link here and leave them a comment. Maybe even forward this to one of those "special uncles" in your life. I am not above paying you for your time, please just invoice me in my comments section. Please allow six to eight years for delivery...

Ok here it is.

1 comment:

rawmuse said...

Shame on you! You should know by now that these people are never wrong, ever.

Just ask them.