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Monday, January 17, 2011

Barack Obama Has Never Let Me Down

Hunter Thompson, the outlaw journalist and drop out author, hated President Nixon. Thompson even dedicated one of his books to President Nixon. "Richard Nixon he said, never let me down."

Back in ought eight, (we say shit like that out west) I was scratching my head and wondering just who the hell Barack Obama was and where did he come from?

At the time, I was living in New Orleans. I would like to mention an interesting thing. In the white community of New Orleans, Mr. Obama was subject to a fair amount of racism. I witnessed more than a couple of casual and nasty- racially driven remarks. I didn't care so much about his skin tone. I wanted to know what kind of a man he was.

When Obama quietly threw his minister under the bus for his "Goddamn America" remarks, odd remarks for sure, I got my first window into this guy. Now Reverend Wright's remarks were terribly out of line but it's not like I haven't made stupid statements before or seen others put their feet in their mouth. Had Obama defended Wright's free speech rights, I would have given him a high score. But when Barack distanced himself from Wright, a guy he had been listening to for some 20 years, I began to postulate that people were expendable to Obama. His career goal of becoming President was his priority.

The second window occurred when he canned Inspector General Walpin. That guy was supposed to be protected from Presidential interference. Given the task to see that government funds were spent appropriately- he found Obama's buddy- Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento diverting them. Essentially embezzling them. This is a fresh and just published version of that episode.

I was beginning to suspect that Obama was one of those power wielding assholes that I can't stomach. They are never concerned with doing the right thing- like supporting free speech or supporting some guy charged with doing a responsible job. Instead, they act out of anger- doing things which are emotionally gratifying to them and politically expedient. And wrong. They do it because they can, not because it is right.

Remember the beer summit? Obama immediately jumped all over that poor cop just doing his job and shaking down some black homeowner that he thought was a burglary suspect. A mistake that was prolonged by the homeowner acting like an asshole. Obama's willingness to jump to conclusions before the facts were in- told me that he jumps to conclusions. That is not the cool- wait for all of the facts- decision making I want in the white house. But it did lead to a fantastic distraction. The beer summit. The beer summit allowed Obama and one black homeowner to publicly save face for behaving stupidly.

I was not surprised to see Obama cave in on the elite tax hikes. It was politically expedient.

That's why I wasn't surprised that Obama used the Tucson shooting for a platform for political expediency. He has already shown me that he does things because he can, not because it is the right thing to do. Might never makes right. Very often, selfless people will not promote personal agendas at events that do not call for that type of behavior. Selfish people do.

I am not concerned with Mr. Obama's birth certificate, his pass port, his school transcripts, or who wrote his books. Those are all opaque things, things that Obama wants to keep concealed. This is the guy who called for transparency. The guy who claimed to put the clamps on government officials turned lobbyists in that corrupt little government dance that goes on. All so much bullshit. Just hollow words, words without substance or truth.

It has taken me a couple of years to figure out who President Obama is. President Obama is just your garden variety power broker. He is not special or particularly intelligent. His core values are highly suspect. He does not understand our capacity as individuals to see those things. He woefully underestimates our ability to see real leadership and to discern hollow words. In that way, he has become incredibly transparent to me. That's why I am resigned to seeing two more wasted years. A fantastic opportunity to install the rule of law and gain worldwide respect. Obama blew that opportunity and simply delivered the same old spineless politics. Ahhh...shit.

I don't hate Obama. But I do feel like I understand this guy. Somehow, he just never lets me down.

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