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Sunday, January 16, 2011

California Blue Shield Rates Increase 59% March 1, Soon Health Insurance Will Cost More Than a Stockton Mortgage

Pssstt...hey that 500 dollar a month premium your employer pays is going to 800 bucks a month. I'll bet employers will be hiring like crazy. Time to invent some more Ishit.

This is kind of old. I saw it last week and bookmarked it. Thank Gawd we are in a the midst of a great recovery and we can afford it. Pretty boring piece. Note the absence of the term 59% increase in the newletter from Blue Shield. It must have slipped their collective minds.

One of the reasons Blue Cross cited as causing the parabolic rise...healthy people exiting the system. I have been predicting that for three years. As the 59% rise occurs, expect rates to go parabolic as even the marginally healthy GTFO. (get the #$%^ out)

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