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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Blogger, Who Are You?

I have been publicly writing, mostly in obscurity- which is fine, for about five years. I read for hours a day. I think all aspiring writers, should at the very least, be competent readers.

Often when I am reading various things, I ask myself, who wrote this? Why does this person write this, what is the intent? Sometimes, I read things that are so well written that the work speaks for itself. Whoever wrote this, I think, is very intelligent. I don't need to see any further credentialing.

I like being just another bum on the bus. My ego doesn't require much nowadays. I hijacked control of that ego a few years back. I read because I see value in consumption and learning. I write because I hope I spark some sense of awareness. That's it. So I thought I'd introduce myself.

My name is Brian McNary. I am 50 years old and I live in Boise.

I essentially spent my life in small town America. I was raised in Butte, Mt. where I learned to cuss, chew tobacco, and drink. I have loved Butte ever since. I grew up hunting, fishing, and trapping. I landed in Idaho as a sophomore in high school. I went to Idaho State University, College of Southern Idaho, and did a 16 credit gig with Northwestern Traffic Institute. I was a geology student turned law enforcer. I worked summers in the Wyoming oil patch. I met my only wife in Las Vegas. She and I are divorced.

I spent most of my career as a law enforcer in a small town in Idaho called Hailey. Hailey is within a geographic area that includes Sun Valley, the ski resort. The valley is a very left leaning place. I found those politics suffocating although I understood them. I call the valley Moonbat Valley which I think is quite appropriate. It is a very environmentally aware place. I worked through the ranks and became Chief of Police in 2000. In 2007, the voices in my head said it was time to leave. I always listen to those voices and occasionally the voices outside my head. I jumped on my motorcycle and traveled around the entire U.S. I spent weeks in places like Saratoga Springs NY, Charlestown W.Va. (Gettysburg) the Blue Ridge Parkway and down to Savannah, Georgia. The people of Alabama were the friendliest. That fall after I arrived home in Idaho, I was severely depressed. The trip of my lifetime was over and life as I knew it for 25 years- was gone. My entire life had changed dramatically. Those were some very dark days. In November of 2007, I landed in New Orleans.

My entire life had been consumed with law enforcement, weekend gambling, weekday stock/options trading, and to a lesser degree, I followed politics. Only to the extent that it impacted my investments. In 2007, just before I left, I had a good friend tell me the banking world was going to collapse. He was a high end mortgage guy with tons of connections. I thought he was nuts and we probably both had too much to drink. He should be a millionaire by now. I did heed his advice- I parked everything in bonds before I left on the trip.

I became a libertarian quite by accident. I could see no discernible difference any longer between parties. In fact, all I began to see was self serving miscreants who sought office for selfish reasons. They were actually, anti public service. The very accidental part of becoming a libertarian occurred as the moonbats of my town constantly wanted to pass petty laws and ordinances to control every aspect of human behavior. Enforcing all of those petty laws requires work. In a never ending expansion of lefties who see government as the solution to all of their problems- I saw lefties as the cause of all of my problems. They were a pain in the ass. To this day, when I see MoonBat Valley pass some dog poop ordinance on the local bike path, I howl with glee. I envision some poor cop, picking up the evidence and freezing it in the department's refrigerator along with the Ho-Ho's, and hauling it into court. Some guy in cuffs with his chihuahua in a squad car. That is some very funny stuff. Often, I read letters to the editors about unsightly dog poop. There is no shortage of whiny ass babies in that valley. It's hard to ignore. MoonBat Valley is No Country for Old Men. Like me. In the end, becoming a libertarian is the only thing that makes sense to me. Nanny government isn't the answer. Nor is government by the elite or banks. They have nabbed all the wealth. I see the Libertarian Party as the working stiff place to be, centrist and control free. Quit stealing my money and telling me how to live. Things to like.

Most of the blogs I read are written anonymously. I get that. It's a shame that our culture has devolved into a fearful anonymous place where people are afraid to say what they are thinking. Or that we live in a crazy attack minded world. Living in that world prevents responsible communication. Without responsible and respectful communication, I think we are hosed in the long run. We will never have unity without respectful communication. Sometimes, especially when it comes to crooked bankers, I leave respect at the train depot. Those folks deserve the anger of this country and a jail cell. I will not apologize for calling a bunch of bankers- criminals. I know drug addicts and prostitutes with far greater core values.

It's been a crazy journey and I've seen a lot of bizarre and sad things. I've seen some astounding acts of courage and I've seen some serious cowardice. I prefer real people and hard knock dramas to fluff about some over paid, half baked star who wastes money on clothes or screws 3 different guys a day. I am not fascinated by those types. I gave up drinking and I am chewing nicotine gum as I write this. I still love Butte and Montana (The Sons of Miners) and I love my country. I do not love it's leadership. I am grateful and thankful to call this place home. After 50 years I've grown kind of comfortable with what kind of man I want to be. I thought I'd insert this video from my mother, bless her heart. It's kind of nice and seems appropriate here.

Stand by Me from theRedPillRadio on Vimeo.


Josh Clark said...

My name is not O'Houigheighi nor is it Brian
If I said that I was weak you know I'd be lyin'

Dave said...

A blog (and a blogger) exist. You can read it and scream, or cry, or laugh, or throw a foam brick at your computer if your really pissed. The beauty of it, which after years I finally get, is that it exists, without edit, and without interference, and can reach many people. At least you are creating something.

rawmuse said...

Keep it up chief! I hit the site every day, hanging on your every word.

Brian said...

Thanks you guys. Sometimes Big D, creating civility in the workplace is a very worthy and useful thing. Team oriented. I knew a guy like that once...good man.

RM...killing me here! Lmao