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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Try the Up Dated Blogger Interface

Yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to try the new "Blogger" interface that allows you to show your page a few different ways.

My goal was to leave it up for a couple of days.

My page count went up dramatically- rising from its daily average of 250 views to over 1500 on Wednesday. That's kind of cool although I am not sure why... exactly.

On the down side- I hate the look and so did most of my readers. So I thought I'd let this run through Thursday night and then...

Sometime toward the weekend, I will revert back to the old Frankenstein Government page. I tried finding the old page on the design and couldn't figure out how to get my old page back. Maybe I will end up re-doing the whole original layout. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

I use 'user agent switcher' on my copy of Mozilla and it looks just like it used to when I impersonate IE5...:)

Paco Bell said...

Thanks for the reversion. I read your blog every day and skipped it the last few because I did not want to be bothered to acquaint myself with another new modality.

Changing the colors and pics doesn't bother me long as navigations is similar or at least obvious. That was overkill.

FB wants the borg to choose timeline over traditional (in fact they're alleged to enforce compliance-you shall be assimilated). I don't use FB enough to give a rat's ass.

In fact if you went and changed from the white on black I'd be grateful. Something about that combination makes my eyes water and the next blog I experience double vision.