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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Patriots and Anarchists Rejoice! Paul Winning in Iowa

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Imagine the consummate dark horse. A real live patriot with a philosophy as near as humanly possible to the founding fathers. What would he or she look like?

Well he might be kind of short and ugly. A doctor. Married forever,  scandal free. He would have the most transparent and predictable voting record of all members of Congress. He would not take paychecks and he does not trade stocks on insider info. He doesn't need to. He owns gold. He shows great courage and never bends from his convictions. The left would hate him because he believes in empowering people rather than handing them free money. The right would hate him because big business and the elite are run by banking interests driven by the FED. Paul would eliminate their ability to skim the wealth of this country. The media would hate him because media is owned by 7 giant corporate megaliths. He would never get any press, he would be stuck on the edge of any debate with no screen time.

"The Powers That Be" hate Ron Paul. Because Ron Paul would expose them. We might even have a rule of law again in this country.

Anytime you read a derogatory "MainStream Media" piece know this. The media is compromised of a cabal of elite owners and corporate interests. The media has no interest in supporting Paul and that's why they don't. Don't believe their non credible spin. They take every cheap shot they can at Paul while hiding the criminality of Obama or the statist tendencies of a guy like Romney. A white Obama.

Millions and millions of us know Ron Paul is a patriot and an American. He is a known commodity. Look at his voting record. He supports WE THE PEOPLE. And that's all you really need to know. Apparently a number of Iowans are figuring this out.


Anonymous said...

It's a start, Brian.

Anonymous said...

Three candidates that give me pause to consider:

1. Cain

2. Gingrich

3. Paul

But it's still early. I am leaning towards Cain, but his latest stumble on Libya did make me nervous. We need a President with strong foreign policy acumen. I'm not writing Cain off, no. But, I mean, come on...he looked clueless.

Gingrich is the smartest man in the room, but his moral lapses with his marriages leave much to be desired. I'm not saying that as some line in the sand against Gingrich. It is simply public knowledge that he isn't exactly full of fidelity.

Now, Ron Paul...hmmm.

Like I said, it's still early.