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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Hating The Right Is Almost As Productive As Hating The Left

I absolutely love this shit. Now Newt Gingrich, the new favorite flavor of the GOP, has been found to have his head squarely in the Freddie Mac trough for about a decade. As a consultant, Newt cannot determine just how much money he made off hand. He assures us that he will look into it.

So let's recap. We got Herman Cain, elite millionaire and former central banker. Mr. Romney, elite castle owner (5 total) and founder of Romney care which is currently subsidized by the Federal Government. And we have Mr. Gingrich, king of personal relationships and skimming government ventures. Bush III, Rick Perry, appears like he's toast. Michelle Bachmann, former IRS attorney, is the other slice in the toaster.

So let's see, who does that leave? Oh yea, Ron Paul. No skimming, no profiteering, no insider trading, no FED banking on resume, no multiple marriages, no castles, and he ain't a lawyer. He actually has intergrity, and personal courage. A transparent multi decade voting record. Gosh, we can't have him.

I can't wait to see what piece of garbage the GOP offers up. I'm not sure the GOP can beat Obama. They will default on the white Obama, Romney.  Either way, rest assured... it's business as usual.


Anonymous said...


The GOP is neither Conservative nor The Right.

As a rightist, myself, I detest the beltway GOP, (you now who I am talking about), and long for a return to proper governance with Conservative values, both fiscally and socially.

It pains me to see Libertarians lump people like me in with the Gingriches of the GOP, simply because it is believed the GOP is all about Conservatism.

Please know that there are many of us Conservatives out here, who are rightists, who detest the crony-capitalism and beltway mentality of both the GOP and the Democrats. We are a different animal, altogether.

Thanks, sir!

Brian said...

I understand and I agree. In fact, that is how I came up with the name of this blog. The GOP has deviated greatly from it's original concept and base.

To me, it's all one mongrel dog party ECC. All it stands for is self seeking , self promotion, power and greed. These bastards don't know the meaning of public service.