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Friday, November 18, 2011

America's Lost Rule of Law

For a few years and on this very blog, I have spoken at great length about America's two tiered criminal justice system. In my little corner of the world, I enforced our laws for 25 years. In Moonbat Valley, I saw more than one connected person escape prosecution because at the very heart of a corrupt criminal justice system- are the prosecutors. These are the guys and gals who can dismiss anything or bring about a criminal charge without fear of reprisal or lawsuit. All they have to do is concoct some palatable excuse for their actions (i.e. make shit up and sell it to the voters) and they manage to get re-elected. Prosecutors have enormous power. Attorney General crooks like Holder are virtually untouchable. The family of that slain border patrol agent killed by the reprehensible actions of a corrupt government will never see justice. It will not happen. With a corrupt President- there will be no investigation. Only a cover up.

When did this moral decay begin? I point to the summer of '69 and Ted Kennedy. That was when our two tiered criminal justice system became apparent or transparent- you pick the adjective.

For me, it was that night in July when a drunken Ted Kennedy drove his car off the Chappaquiddick Bridge and left a girl to drown in six feet of water. The Kennedy family paid off the Kopechnes' to the tune of 460,000 if memory serves me correctly. Kennedy was never charged for killing Mary Jo Kopechne, remaining free and becoming a full fledged alcoholic and a senator for the next 40 years. In 1969 everyone (including my parents) in Montana were talking about that. I remember.

A few years later President Nixon pulled his Watergate burglary. He resigned in disgrace and was pardoned by his hand picked successor, Gerald Ford. He should have been prosecuted and jailed. In fact, that would have righted an old Kennedy wrong. Proof that nobody is above the law. As it turns out, the legal system failed us again and did the cowardly thing. It has been doing the cowardly thing for decades. In fact, most of the rich and elite play by one set of rules, the rest of us by another set. I doubt anybody will argue that.

The latest outrage comes to us via the 60 Minutes program that exposed the nasty insider trading world of our Congressmen. Nancy Pelosi making a million or two as Visa offers her a bribe. It is virtually impossible to get shares of stock in a very hot IPO or initial public offering- banking institutions receive them and only offer them to their best clients. Everybody knows the shares of a hot IPO are going straight up. Such was the case of Visa and Nancy Pelosi...however Pelosi at the time was drafting legislation that would have hurt Visa's profits. Thus the bribe. All sickeningly legal.

I was a rookie cop in the early 80's when I got my first taste of moral decay on a local level. I arrested a Congressman's son for DUI and Possession of Cocaine. The cocaine charge was dismissed by the prosecutor, a man who is currently the Democratic Chair for the State of Idaho. (go figure) He blamed me for that incident by telling me I had not filed the paperwork correctly. Fair enough, easily curable. Except it was never cured. Possession of cocaine was a felony. In fact, I am not even sure what happened to the DUI. That was my first taste of our two tiered criminal justice system. And...

A few years later I watched a different prosecutor refuse to charge a personal friend of his with delivery of a controlled substance- that after we bought cocaine from his friend twice. And just to prove all of this wasn't a nasty fluke or coincidence- I watched as a third prosecutor dismissed charges against another politicians' relatives- on a couple of different occasions.

People love to talk about police corruption. Shit, if you wanna see corruption get inside a prosecutors office somewhere. These guys are in a whole different zip code. Politicians with power that cannot be held accountable or sued. You don't hear about it because nobody is going to disclose it. That inner circle, the society of crooked lawyers, is truly off limits in mainstream America.   

I would see that same mis-conduct over and over again throughout the years. Then I saw the same shit again on a national stage when every crooked bank originator, crooked rating agency, and Wall St. reseller was given a free pass by President Obama after the election in 2008. We will look forward not backward, Obama said. That is code for nobody is going to jail. The best President money can buy. Gee, another attorney.

You think I dislike attorneys? Guilty as charged... with a few exceptions. I'll tell you where I deviate from the general public. I don't let those bastards intimidate me through their implied threat of lawsuits. I don't bow to bullies. Let's face it. Lawyers are bullies. Lawyers scare the hell out of the general public who  in turn are scared to death of being sued and losing what little they have acquired. But I digress...

America has lost it's integrity. It has become an epidemic and I am not sure how to rein it in. I have often thought that ethics and morality should be mandatory instruction in schools. Perhaps like an illness, it has to run it's course. It has to get worse in order to get better. In a perfect world where everyone practiced rigorous and conscious internal honesty, this shit would not happen. But we are not in that perfect world- we live in a world where every criminally complicit act is rationalized and justified. Where decisions are based on what is convenient to the decision maker's career. Personal courage is no longer valued. We don't even stick up for those few individuals that display personal courage. They are left to fend for themselves while we snicker about some rich or elite bastard squashing them like bugs.

That's a sad commentary. I wish it weren't true, but it is. Perhaps some future generation will see the value of morality again and reincarnate the rule of law in this country.


Gary said...
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Gary said...

**** "He blamed me for that incident by telling me I had not filed the paperwork correctly. Fair enough, easily curable. Except it was never cured." ****

Good article.

Our justice system has little to do with justice. It has morphed into the Attorney-Full-Employment-System.

In the old days you would present your case to a local judge and the matter would be resolved in a day or two.

Today the "justice" system from the Bar to judges to the attorney works as a legal criminal Cartel to drag out all legal matters for months to years so the lawyers can rape the public of their money.

Modern "justice" only goes to the one with the most money to feed the lawyer machine.

Gary said...

P.S. My page counter on my Blog is also out of commission. Any thoughts how to fix it?

Brian said...

I'm not sure how to fix the counter Gary. I was thinking of getting rid of mine or disabling it...thanks for your comments.

Anonymous said...


What you are suffering is endemic in many countries all over the world.

The big difference is you still have the freedom and ability to write about it.

Brian said...

Excellent point anonymous. Someday, they will take away our ability to write about their corruption.

rawmuse said...

Election Fraud is still huge. A local man that I knew once registered his dog to vote by Absentee Ballot. He did it in order to go public with how easy it is to commit voter fraud. He went on TV with the story. He was a Republican in a conservative district of CA.

Anyway, the State Attorney General came down on him like a ton of bricks. He may still be in Pelican Bay for all I know.

Dave said...

The holy trinity of the criminal justice system.... Judge, Prosecutor, and Defense Attorney... all lawyers, interchangeable from week to week. Most of the time, they went to the same law school together.. you can make your own conclusions.