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Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Official, Supreme Court To Decide Whether We Are a Free Republic or a Communist State Sometime This Spring

The Supreme Court has announced they will hear arguments for Obamacare in March. This is the piece of legislation that politicians did not read because they were busy drinking wine and doing insider stock deals.

C'mon. Am I the only one who enjoyed watching Nancy Pelosi's quivering lips when 60 Minutes asked her to explain how she got access and purchased VISA IPO shares in some amount between 1 and 5 million and raked in a couple of mill in profits?

Pelosi "love" all over my dashboard this a.m. 

Down here on the ground, let me explain what Obamacare has done for me. It has caused health care premiums to absolutely soar and stolen another 100 bucks a month from folks like me- I can't opt in or out of Obamacare because it currently does not exist. All that exists are skyrocketing premiums and a government that thinks it can now force us to buy whatever they deem necessary. Make no mistake about this. Obamacare is a life altering event and a watershed moment. It is a disaster whether it passes or gets thrown out.

I just wish they'd shut the fuck up with all of the saber rattling and make a decision- but I guess we will have to wait another six months to start planning our lives.

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