Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Did Obama Watch With Indifference as Americans Died?*Updated

The answer is probably. Wow. Update from Republican Mother. Check this link out.

For weeks I have been reading and digesting everything I can find on Benghazi. Never have I seen a more reprehensible lack of reporting, honesty, or integrity everywhere. That is why it has taken 7 WEEKS for the truth to begin leaking out.

Why? Because the leftist media in this country are compromised. They want Obama to win. There is simply no chance in hell that any investigative reporting of Benghazi will take place prior to the election. If ever. They are very obedient subjects.

Please refer to my piece "On Cowards" from yesterday.

There are literally thousands of articles on Benghazi available on the web. As new information becomes available (daily) it is becoming crystal clear to me that Obama not only knew what was happening but that he was indifferent to it.

Right after the well organized attack on the Benghazi consulate you will recall that President Obama claimed it was a spontaneous act of terror. Obama promptly scapegoated some poor sap in California- going so far as instigating the guy's arrest by local cops on a bullshit probation violation somebody dreamed up. Probably a loyal democratic prosecutor. This was a convicted felon who was disposable and possessed no real credibility so he has no shot at a defense. He produced some anti- Mohammed films which were posted on You Tube and the President cited this as the flashpoint for the murders in Libya.

Complete and utter bullshit. Lies. Please watch this video for something a little more credible.

Benghazi was a well planned attack using 150 men with machines guns and perimeters. It was done on September 11. A drone was filming the whole thing in real time. The attack lasted from about 930 PM to 4 AM or the better part of 7 hours. At anytime, Obama could have intervened. We had military assets nearby and within reach.

So why did Obama do nothing and then lie about it?

In 1980, Jimmy Carter was running for re-election and hanging by a thread. He ordered up  "Operation Eagle Claw" which was meant to free American hostages. It was a complete disaster. Many say it ruined Carter's chances of re-election.

I was 19 at the time. Obama would have been nearly 18. We both remember. Could Obama have watched the Benghazi events unfold, not wanting to risk his re-election chances by intervening and screwing up something? Yes. In fact, I think that was precisely what happened. I believe Obama, the most self seeking narcissist I have ever witnessed, did not lift a finger to help the ambassador because it might make him look bad and effect his e-election chances if something went wrong.

Is Obama that petty and indifferent? Is it possible to prove? As a matter of fact- it is. A number of people know the truth. I believe Obama should be impeached. I believe Hillary knows the truth. I believe the Pentagon knows the truth.

But in our banana republic, where we have apparently rid ourselves of the rule of law, don't expect any investigation. Maybe some dog and pony show. The latest.


Anonymous said...

I hopw Fox Newa is reaching a lot of people. The bastards may escape lagal action but I want their reputations ruined! Check out this link that republican Mother left me. This guy spent years inside the State Department. He knows what is happening becaause it has happened before.

Anonymous said...

Brian, you have got to see this. I can't stop laughing.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Bibi just loves it when a plan comes together. But Obama's bungling made it a slam-dunk.

Marcus said...

Did Obama Watch With Indifference as Americans Died?

Drop the question mark and invert the order of a couple of words, in this case the first two words, so that you're now confronted with a statement rather than a question. This, I believe, will provide the answer to your question. This technique is a bit of grammatical legerdemain that I occasionally employ in order to get down to brass tacks when confronted with difficult questions. In this case, the result becomes this: Obama did watch with indifference as Americans died.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Obama sacrificed American lives in Benghazi in order to avoid another mishap like "Operation Eagle Claw" and so bolster his chances for re-election. Obama is a true sociopath in that he lacks morals, conscience, heart and soul; a man who sees only what he believes rather than believing what he sees and thinks nothing of deaths of innocents or patriots, so long as he comes out on top looking like a hero. Obama is scum.

Blue said...

I believe that obama, as well as several several others, should be arrested for these crimes that they have committed.

The comparison to Eagle Claw seems most appropriate.