Saturday, November 3, 2012

Come Have a Few Laughs- The Sunday Collage

It's almost over- plus one hour.

It's been like a war zone this week. Thank gawd, here at FG, I have intelligent readers. I haven't had to kick anyone's ass or listen to one more nazi Obama hater tell me that my vote for Johnson is a vote for Obama.

Every once in awhile, if I am feeling especially hateful, I drop by Ace of Spades or Huffpo. I launch some vitriol and get out. Like a sniper. 

Have you ever noticed how the pro-choice people are still fighting a fight that was declared over with in 1973? Why do they do that? Because of editorials like this. It's all scare tactics, propaganda, and bullshit intended to get people to vote for democrats lest those evil Republicans overturn your abortion rights. You'd think those intellectually superior people in NYC wouldn't fall for shit like that but apparently they do. Like somehow Romney and Ryan could overturn Roe v Wade. In fact, given the last two atheist statist appointees, it would take a miracle to turn over enough Supreme Court seats in the first place and then overturn the law- which has been pretty damn safe for 40 years despite those evil Republicans. Like Reagan, Bush, and Bush.

I am surprised that the NY Times is not running articles on why the Vietnam War sucks and why we need to get out. 

My ex wife hated voting for a reason that had nothing to do with abortion or politicians. Oh sure, she hates politicians like the rest of us. But she hated the idea of jury duty even more. I am still receiving jury notices and I left town five years ago. So I am thinking she may have been clairvoyant. Dave in Denver hates voting for an entirely different reason. I'm sure he'd like Carlin's take on it. Maybe the public sucks. Absolutely precious.

Years ago when I was going to school and living off campus, there were these two ancient twin sisters who lived in the apartment above mine. They lived there for something like 60 years. I am not making this up. They drank, they smoked, they gambled, and they never voted. I liked them right away. I asked them why they never voted and they told me that they never agreed on politics. So instead of wasting their time and canceling each others' vote- they simply elected not to participate. That made sense to me. 

It's fall back weekend. That means we have to set our clocks back tonight. Come to think of it, daylight savings is another one of those ridiculous government ideas which I have long since forgotten just what the hell it was supposed to accomplish in the first place. From wiki: The US Dept. of Transportation (DOT) concluded in 1975 that DST might reduce the country's electricity usage by 1% during March and April,[13] but the National Bureau of Standards (NBS) reviewed the DOT study in 1976 and found no significant savings.[75]

No shit. 


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Carlin. The best. RIP.