Monday, October 29, 2012

Elite Nudists Pressure Frogs Into Action!*Warning Royal Nudity

Photographing Kate Middleton's boobs is apparently a non starter in France. Now I've avoided posting nude photos on FG for a number of reasons, however, for illustrative purposes only- I have hijacked a photo of Kate Middleton's boobs. I can only pray that the French or Interpol won't storm my house.

Royal Boobs Look A Lot Like Regular Boobs, Odd Huh?

Here's one of the few reasons I take a Huffington Post feed. Where else can you find worthless shit to read about? My hometown paper only publishes twice a week.

I remember a day and time when my thought process went like this. Hmmm..."I don't want anyone photographing my private parts today- therefore I don't think I will expose them in a public place."

That's how cloudy my thinking is. Apparently I had it all wrong. If you are famous and have a little clout and money- you can have anyone arrested while your role in the matter becomes inconsequential or conveniently invisible.  In fact here in Idaho, Ms Middleton's the one that would get arrested for indecent exposure. They would call that photo "evidence." That's how backward we are.

Most of the clothing worn now days really exposes a lot of boob. So apparently catching glimpses of boob is ok as long as it's areas of the boob that are deemed harmless. Upper and side boob shots are legal. The nipple, under boob, or heaven forbid- the full boob photo is how the criminal clock gets wound up in France.

Now don't get me wrong, I am a libertarian. That means that I prefer no laws regarding nudity. I don't mind Kate Middleton's boobs, either. I think the real story here is that the French police finally found something to do. Dangerous criminals, like the one that photographed Kate, have me worried.

I will sleep better knowing this madman is off the street and behind bars.


John Feralirishman said...

BOOBS!!...meh.. those ain't too impressive ;)

Even if the guy had to use a photo lens the size of the hubble.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. My son's gerbil has bigger tits than that.

Brian said...

Too funny.