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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Government Shutdown? Who Cares?

All of this talk about a government shutdown makes for good theater. The truth is, a government shutdown will essentially not effect anyone. Why?

Because there really is no such thing as a government shutdown. It doesn't exist. All they do is close a few parks, give a few IRS agents some time off with back pay, and accumulate back pay for soldiers. Active duty soldiers, covered by the soldiers and sailors act, cannot be hounded by debt collectors.

So essentially, the whole "budget impasse" is just so much hot air. All of this quibbling between political parties is over puny amounts of money and doesn't mean jack shit anyway. Thirty billion or so is about 6 days worth of interest on our 14.3 trillion dollar debt. Go ahead and yawn here.

If there were really a government shutdown- meaning that all government employees were sent to the showers with no back pay accumulating- I'd be all over that. There's a bazillion pieces circulating the intertubes about this "government shutdown." It's BS. I lived through the last one. I didn't even notice.
Here's a similar piece.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. It's all a lot of hype over nothing of any importance. Hell, I've got a tin cup. I can wait a few months for my next SS check. No biggy.