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Monday, April 4, 2011

Living in Bernanke's Matrix

I wanted to write this weekend. I couldn't bring myself to do it. I read news story after news story and I just sat here and drooled. I truly can't believe what is going on in the world.

Obama calling a war with Libya even though he himself said a President could not do this by law- in 2007 as a Congressman. The media ignoring it. The media has ignored the gun walker scandal. The media ignores everything bad about Obama which incidentally- captures the essence of nearly everything he does. The moron-in-chief. Obama announced his re-election campaign today. Oh I can't wait for 4 more years of bullshit, banker pardons, and communism.

The Japanese nuclear fiasco is far worse than anyone could imagine. The Japanese government, like ours, seems to minimize and lie about the details. I have been looking at radiation counts and weather models. California is getting a huge radiation dose right about now- which undoubtedly will find it's way to Idaho.

I listened to FED Gov Evans from Chicago on CNBC today. He is a professional bullshitter. That dude is good. The dollar continues to plunge. Commodities are rising. Oil has breached 120 bucks and gold and silver are hitting highs again. But our teflon stock market refuses to budge even though unemployment numbers were fudged (by 1/2) on the birth/death model and Americans continue to lose billions of free dollars to the middle east oil cartels.

Everything is happy in the FED contrived Happy Matrix. Nothing to worry about. No double dip, no inflation, forget about 7 million vacant homes, forget about unemployment and food stamps, forget about the debt ceiling and a worthless Congress which cannot do anything about our debt levels. Forget about the scandals, the President who thinks he is above the law, forget about oil prices, let's make believe Japan's woes are good for business.

CNBC investment managers telling people to INVEST? Are you fucking kidding me? The market has doubled in two years on absolutely nothing but money printing and shitty accounting and they want me to buy in now?  Buy high and sell low suckers.

I just sit and read this bullshit. And like John Malkovich in "Burn After Reading" all I can say is, "What the fuck?" Over and over again. This is nuts. Truly nuts.

At least I have made over 30% in silver in two months. The silver market is the only thing that makes sense to me. Truly. It is the only thing behaving rationally in a world that has gone completely bat shit crazy with lying, money printing, bank thievery.

How long can all of this go on? Who knows? Who knew this BS could go on this long? In a few months, we'll get to see the end of QE2. You just know these brainiacs have something ready after that- they always do. That's Bernanke's Matrix. Crafting our financial reality and future indebtedness and taxes without so much as a popular vote from any of us.

Like Malkovich says. What the fuck?


davecydell said...

Ahhh, "Burn After Reading" The Coen Brothers, excellent. But I always thought that "Blood Simple" was their best. In the typical whodunit, the audience is in the dark as the hero solves the riddle. However, in "Blood Simple" the audience is always aware, always, while the four main characters stumble about in the dark.

Kinda like today, so many know what is going on, but alas too many more are still clueless, while the main characters keep stumbling about in the dark, hoping the movie will never end.

Anonymous said...

The banksters called the game. They are dealing the cards. The rest of us have two choices; call or fold. Did you get that passport yet?

Dutch said...

Wife and I just finished watching "Inside Job - 2010". We were speechless and pissed.