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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Seeking New Name and Changing Content, Please Comment

For six years, I've been writing about government schtick, economic manipulations, and the worst presidential administration of my lifetime. Even Nixon, at least, was good with foreign policy.

So here's the deal. I am sick of writing about all of that shit. It's not like any of that is going to change any time soon. I'm not making people "aware" here because most of you know what's going on in the world. You are the people who pay attention.

Frankly, I like to write. But I want to write about things that matter. Observations perhaps about real people down here on the ground. I like to write funny stuff- but quality funny stuff is very time consuming. That's been my experience anyway.

So I am asking you folks for suggestions. I've never begged a dime from anyone here- instead I'd like a moment of your time to hear about what interests you. I'd like your input.  If you have any brilliant ideas about a new title, I'd like to hear that too.

Just don't suggest Asylum Watch- my friend Jim already nabbed it.

And if you draw a blank, that's ok too. I appreciate all the support you've given this blog over the years.



PeterE said...


I only started reading your blog a few months ago. I think I'll be disappointed to see it change, but let me sleep on it. I'm a bit busy this week, our second child, a daughter, was born on Tuesday, and i have the in laws staying with us... I'm keen to pop a few suggestions your way.

Give me a few days.


MizuBob said...

I do enjoy reading your site as is,
however, I can understand wanting to change it up a bit.
As for a title? I can't offer much at the moment.
Well, in several past posts you've touched on some topics that were outside of the normal .gov vein.
I would like to read about musings/advice on life in general from your perspective.
Things to be aware of as you grow older.
Pitfalls to avoid.
I hate to use the word fatherly, how about that cool uncle everyone has?
The views of others, is exactly why I read blogs such as yours.
Maybe there is a title there? "The view from here"
I can't know everything, and daily life affects everyone differently.
That's about all I've got.
Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into your blog.
I enjoy it immensely.

Firstthought said...

I love your writings and look every morning to see if you have posted anything. Why not include your name?
Maybe Brian's Thoughts so you don't limit yourself in what you can write about?

Marcus said...

How about a few stories from your police days? Some human interest stuff. Good, bad and ugly.

Pakkinpoppa said...

"Your Saner Uncle"....
Perhaps a variant based upon that.

You don't have to "always" preach to the choir, I like your blog as it as long as you're allowed to publish, write whatever you want. You always seem to bring a fresh perspective that's less "echo chamber" than rational, if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Since your theme is based on distortion and the problems in government, how about a title like "Social Distortion" ? You can look at society and see how illogical and distorted it is and since you have been pointing that out commenting on government, it seems like a natural. Anyway feel free to use it if you choose, I will not claim intellectual property against you because, that would be distorted.

Jim at Asylum Watch said...

Heh! If my attitude doesn't change soon, the name Asylum Watch may be available, Brian. Like you I'm growing tired of writing about corrupt politics and corrupt bankers. You talent for writing demands that you do find subjects about which you enjoy writing. Your post on your biking trips,your time in New Orleans, and your youth in Butte are always good reads. Maybe you could call it: "Watching the World In My Rearview Mirror".

Compleat Patriot said...


Anonymous said...


PLEASE DON'T CHANGE A THING from the existing blog; add things if you like. Sure, squat is going to change (for now), but the awareness, style, and name, FRANKENSTEIN GOV'T, is C-L-A-S-S-I-C! Just perfect!
More and more people are getting it, as the WEASELS in DC-and their banker masters are slowing rising. Work like your blog helps.

Let me sleep on some possible supplements.