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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Cop Obsession- The Sunday Collage

The other night I was eating at a restaurant when I struck up a conversation with the waiter. After managing a few restaurants, working 60 and 70 hour weeks, my waiter informed me that he had had enough of the restaurant business. He was going into law enforcement.

I don't think I was every really prepared for law enforcement. I started in 1983 and I landed in one of the richest, if not the richest, valleys in the west. Sun Valley is filled with old money, blue bloods, billionaires, liberals like John Kerry, and more Ivy league graduates than I care to remember. The place was suffocatingly liberal and when I say that- I need to be specific. These people don't think they are better than you- they know they are. They have more success than you, more money than you, a better education than you, bigger houses and jets, and they aren't afraid to make that known under the right circumstances.

They are better than you. That was a consistent message.Think Leona Helmsley.

I wasn't prepared at all for any of that, in fact I was incredibly naive and stupid. I have to tell you that the contempt those people have for law enforcement is well concealed. Outwardly, you wouldn't see it. They understand propriety better than any class of people I have ever met. Image is everything to the wealthy. Publicly, they wouldn't say shit with a mouth full. Privately, it was a different story entirely. After many years, you might say- the truth just started leaking out.

So the upper crust wasn't much different than the lower crust when it came to hating cops. They just used different tactics.

I'd be a liar if I said I didn't feel a twinge of hate anytime someone flipped me off, called me a pig, or yelled "sooeyy." If blacks don't like being called "niggers" then how could anyone imagine cops who enjoy being called "pigs." The difference is- nobody cares about cops. There will never be any marches, any litigation over hate speech because generally speaking- our society says it's ok to call policemen "pigs." It is tolerated. And it is tolerated by the masters of free speech- the liberals- the deciders of what is appropriate speech and what is not. Or it wouldn't be.

I get all that. I got it privately and I got it from folks like Bill Maher. And I got it for 25 years up until such point that I didn't have to get it anymore.

There was only one guy- in all my years- who very nearly got his ass kicked. There was the kid on one of our league's softball teams that loved to call me pig. I gave his father CPR on a gym floor before he was pronounced dead. I gave his mother money and a television before she died of lupus 15 years later, nearly penniless, but I never made a point of telling him. It didn't matter. He had a shitty life- I never expected much out of him anyway.

And so I jettisoned out. I would not have to hear the cop hating rhetoric anymore. Or so I thought.

Please don't misunderstand me. I hate victim speak. I picked that line of work and I enjoyed it. And even when I was at my worst- I'd like to think there was a lot of good in me. So mostly the good outweighed the bad. That's why I stayed for 25 years and the first one was free. I wasn't stealing from anyone, charging predatory interest rates, or gouging little old ladies in car repair shops because I could get away with it. I was trying to be the best human being that I could be and sometimes I was. I wasn't ashamed of what I did and I'm still not. But I don't make much of a habit of mentioning the old life because out here nothing has changed.

I guess I still don't get it. Everyday it seems, I stumble onto blogs and rants all over the internet about crooked cops or ne'er do wells with some attached vitriolic narrative. It's a never ending stream of shit and I have to quit thinking it's going to stop any time soon. I gotta quit confronting these people. Hatred, any kind, is just a form of mental illness. Besides, I am 30 years down the road and I doubt the liberal word police are gonna show up anytime soon. All I can do is remove those venues from my daily radar.

Law enforcement is a noble profession. Done well- cops work small miracles every day. That's a gratifying gig.

Those were the things I said to the waiter. I liked him. He was a big, happy guy with a daughter that he said he wanted to spend more time with. I remember thinking I would have hired him back in the day.

In the meantime, if any of you cop haters stumble in here and think you are gonna leave some nasty piece of vitriol in the comments, know this- it won't last long. And if Kenny stumbles in- I just wanna say thanks. He'll know what I am talking about.




PeterE said...

I'll never know what it is like to be a cop. I'll never know if I'd have been good at it. Shortly after my application to my states police force was accepted and I passed a number of preliminary tests, I was told that my slight red green color blindness meant I couldn't proceed. Bummer.

C'est la vie, vie goes on. That was 15 years ago.

My how time flies.

Compleat Patriot said...

What about road pirates and revenue generators? Does that one tick you off? ha ha.. What about the dark side of that noble profession? Now star packers are packing cattle prods. And I believe there has been abuse in there use. And yes I don't disagree with you it is a noble profession. But looking around the internet these days there are plenty of police behaving less than noble.

It seems to me brutality is on the rise. When I see these things it makes me realize how fortunate the Wood River Valley is because we have good police officers. You were excellent and are missed. Even though we were never associates so to speak I respected you and was at ease with your presence in the position. J.G. is also a noble decent man doing his best. Fuller is another. I think I shocked Ed the other day when I told him my research proves the sovereign man citizen dilemma is a legal impossibility, thus my perspective on that issue has changed dramatically over the last several years.

Police get blamed for bad legislation, and we likely agree this country has enough bad legislation to go around. What I don't understand is how can people in enforcement positions continue to enforce draconian legislation when it is self evident during the majority of those actions there is no real crime, there is no real property damage nor physical harm to another human.

That being said I believe, and I do think on this quite a lot, that if our countries education system was really top notch, if we really taught Biblical principles, if we really had government that stopped the drug running, and everything else that makes this an immoral society, a society that followed the law of the Creator we would not have so much BS legislation, and we would still, need our watchmen such as yourselves on the wall. Justice which only means Just us wouldn't exist, rather we'd have justness amongst ourselves. I always warn my young friends that if they don't want trouble with the law dogs don't attract them to oneself, and if we follow the The real Ten Commandments and the Two Commandments of the real savior it's easy.

I believe in the Law of the real Bible out of Antioch. Not the false Roman Alexandrian Perversions of those Scriptures. Your favorite Villain's the banking cartel control the legislation in this country. And research irrefutably proves who they serve.

The Lawless One.

Brian said...

Ed and I were once very close. His dad thought a lot like we do and Ed always thought he was a kook. I couldn't help wondering if he still thinks that way. So I chuckled at the sovereign man postulating- I could see Ed thinking "kook."

You have always been a great help in enlightening me. I suppose when I write I owe you a debt. You helped teach me about the grand banking cartel and the whole Federal Reserve fraud.among other things.

The world was so much different when I was young. I believed in the good of Americans. I'm not sure I can say that anymore. I knew my neighbors back then, people were courteous, a slim profit margin was acceptable, and people practiced good civics. I don't see that anymore. I just see a bunch of self centered ego maniacs running around doing whatever is marginally legal. And a government with a voracious appetite for power and control.

You once said we'd be taking "dirt naps" before the shtf. I'm ok with that.

The Mostly Lawful One

Compleat Patriot said...

Yes, he had that look in his eyes. lol.. Right after I told him I'd moved on to learning Hebrew using various concordances in order to better comprehend my choice of Biblical English translation in furthering my education towards comprehending this worlds system and it's history along with Prophecy.

Nothing manages a mans anger better than such research. And I can read and comprehend the legalese of men quite well which explains the legal aspect of world history{Without getting upset} from the time of William the Conqueror, leading into King John's doings, through Cromwell, through exploration and settlement of the colonies, the various treaties and agreements between the "Holy Trinity" 1663-1763-1783-1791-1812-1861-1868-1933 which is the total opposite of what we have been lead to believe through public indoctrination. Although strangely enough the 1953 Encyclopedia of American History lays this history out very well. And the book was once in the schools. How do some corporations live forever? They keep changing their names. I of course own a couple of copies of that book. It's fun at times to pull it out and point out some reality coming straight from the horses mouth.

I learned a lesson many many years ago. Never tell a friend his/her spouse is having an affair. Because he/she will most likely think you're a kook. So apply this thought when telling men and women that the history they have been taught in the schools is complete BS and here is the real historical evidence. Again one is thought to be a kook. lol..

I like being a kook. it's all good.

"As for me, all I know is that I know nothing."--- Socrates Thats why I keep seeking.

Brian said...

You could have gotten a waiver here Peter. All you have to do is hire an attorney, threaten them with a civil action under the A.D.A. and make them prove why a slight color blindness adversely effects job performance. The last kid I hired had a disability. Had we not gotten a lawyer to infer the possible negative consequnces of their arbitrary actions- he would probably not be a cop today.

As it stands- he is an excellent cop with a wife and a small child. He is always upbeat and just a nice guy. I stalk him on facebook a little bit and I'd be a liar if I said I didn't smile every time he says he still loves this job. He doesn't know it- but he's the kind of guy that made my job worthwhile.

blurred said...

Soooo.....does alcohol lead to an immoral society? How about nicotine? Caffeine? Ya know, cuz those are all drugs.

Marcus said...

What's wrong with being a pig or being called a pig? The way people toss that term around, I almost get the suspicion they mean it in a bad way. Hell, being a pig is good and getting in touch with your inner pig is even better. I like women, I like beer, I like filthy jokes and I like myself for liking those things. A few decades of social engineering from a bunch of self-hating fucktard liberals won't change what's in the DNA. I'm a pig and I'm damned proud of it.

Brian said...


I just get tired of reading every bad cop story, day after miserable day- on some sites like the Daily Paul. They have nothing better to do- which is a shame- I've never understood why they do that. Is hating cops part of the Ron Paul philosophy because if it is- I must have missed that in one of Paul's speeches.

Marcus said...

Bad news sells, good news doesn't. For every bad cop out there, there are many more quietly doing a good job in the background (dealing with some of the worst shitheads this society has to offer), and no one ever hears about them. A few bad apples are inevitable, but that doesn't mean the whole barrel is rotten (politicians excepted).