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Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Freedom Index

Today is Memorial day. The day we honor those who committed some part or all of their lives so that we could be free or remain free.

So who takes your freedom away?

Can you imagine being hired for a position or a job where there is no job description or policy manual? How would you perform your job in the absence of a direct supervisor without a job description or policy guidelines?

Sooner or later, you are going to fail in an environment like that. In fact, many of the people who I see getting terminated in Idaho are employees who lack training and policy. 

That is the sort of thing that makes human resource people cringe while at the same time making civil litigation attorneys smile...they make lots of money over wrongful termination.

So if you are a legislator, what exactly is your job description? Who gives it to you and who is working in human resources on your behalf? What exactly are you supposed to be doing?

The point I am trying to make is this. Civil servants are supposed to serve us. That's we the people. We don't send them to Washington to enrich themselves or sling their authority around like it's nobody's business. It's as though they have no job description what so ever. Therefore, this is the best way to measure their performance or NON performance as legislators-

By the way and once again- every miserable member of the worst Congress in history (with a 10% approval rate) won their May primaries.

The Freedom Index.


Compleat Patriot said...

This is going to pop your eyes out of your head, swell a vein in your neck, and likely cause your mouth to fall open. I've worked on this for four years damned near full time, legal case history, law books, law library's.

This is freedom, for your mind.

Epiphanies on the Road to Freedom

Anonymous said...

As Perot would say, 'U WORK FOR US' (the politicians). It's completely flipped around on us, and we let it. Don't u wish we could raise our own salary, structure best in class health care, big expense accounts, vote us cushy retirement benefits, et., etc.?