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Friday, May 4, 2012

Airlines Now Effectively Pricing Themselves Out of Existence

So yesterday, I read about Spirit Air charging 100 dollars for a piece of carry on luggage. Those kinds of business decisions ultimately lead to business failures.

It made me wonder. Does Spirit Air think they have some captive audience that loves to fly? Are they under the impression that we all enjoy paying excessive ticket prices, taxes for everything including the TSA army, another 100 bucks for a bag, standing in lines, getting searched, being bumped on overbooked flights and crammed into sardine like seating arrangements? Not to mention crappy weather, late arrival and departure times, and the occasional mechanical failure or drunken pilot...

Apparently Spirit Airlines thinks they are offering some free ride with drinks on a mechanical bull.

I have never owned an airline stock. I'd be shorting them if anything. They are the worst investments on the planet. I also hate to is such a pain in the ass that I avoid it at all costs. In fact, I will only fly one airline- Southwest. If Southwest doesn't go there, I'm probably coming by Harley Davidson or Hyundai.

Southwest has never augured a plane in, they only fly one one type of plane so that every pilot and mechanic know it by heart, and they practice seating communism sprinkled with a little bullshit here and there- which I especially love- after the chapter and verse we get listening to tight assed ticket agents, car rental agents, and TSA drones.

Here's my rule for flying. The trip length has to be in excess of 1000 miles. Or beyond two days of leisurely ground travel. If I can't plan something better than that I just don't do it. I no longer want to do those one day, 1000 mile humps from Chicago to Denver at 85 MPH. But I might. Especially if airlines keep up their price gouging ways.

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