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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Corporate America Whines About Lack of Skilled Workers, Does Nothing To Solve Problem

Corporate or media drivel? Hard to say. Let's suppose for a moment that it's the corporate world. 

For the last year or so, I've been stumbling across news stories wherein corporate America whines about the dearth of educated or highly skilled workers. Here's an example.

At first blush, I assumed that line of thinking was correct and never gave it much thought. Poor corporate America. Looking for skilled workers, finding none, and then what? Whining about it, off shoring jobs? Are Americans just too stupid to grasp the needs of a rapidly changing corporate world? Are we unwilling to re-educate ourselves? Of course not.

This is what pisses me off.

Corporate America wants to raid the intellectual property of Americans and pay chump change. They steal retirement accounts, benefits, reduce wages, perform every little chicken shit thing they can do to cut costs and enrich "shareholder" value. Yet CEO salaries have gone "supernova" increasing 100 times or more in the last twenty years. It is nothing for the hierarchy of a corporate structure to pay themselves annual salaries from 5-50 million.

They also expect highly educated and skilled workers to pay for themselves. In other words, they do nothing to partner with individuals and actually train them. They want you to go to school, blow 100k or so on an education, and then your corporate masters will pick and choose who they will hire and set some ridiculously low entry level salary.

All of this of course is a case of diminishing returns. School is hard. You set aside years of your life, struggle like hell to get by and make grades, take on debt somewhere around the level of your eyeballs, and then throw yourselves at the mercy of a corporate world that doesn't give two shits about you or your future. The only thing it cares about is ever widening margins. So students or more accurately, potential workers, are far more reluctant to wade into a waterhole filled with so many predators and risks. Gee, go figure. God help you if you actually make a mistake or two or manage to get yourself "fired." Career suicide.

Yet sociopathic corporations are baffled- they can't fathom the lack of skilled workers. Wow. Mostly they helped create this mess and now they are mystified.  So in keeping with my traditions- let me offer a solution to all of you poor corporations that just can't find the help that you need.

How about you step up to the plate? It goes like this. You want skilled workers? How about identifying and sponsoring the schooling of individuals and contracting with them? What prevents corporate America from paying for the intellectual costs of the people they so desperately need? Absolutely nothing. Why not train them yourselves? Why not start up your own specialized schools and help Americans avoid the atrocious costs, including books, and the outright pillaging of American students in a university system that has gone nuts?

Corporate America, more so than any other piece of this puzzle, has created the problem it whines about now. Yet they offer no solution. It's as though they are hostages, or victims, having fallen prey to a society of zombies that simply can't grasp  their needs or that is unwilling to step up to the plate. All of this while corporate hierarchies are stealing every last million that isn't nailed down.Yea, I'm all choked up. Let me grab a Kleenex.

If corporate America wants different results- they ought to think about trying something different. I don't find the whole "lack of skilled workers" particularly baffling. The part that baffles me I suppose- is that part where CEO's pay themselves ungodly salaries, to solve problems, yet run around and whine when they can't find the workers they need. If that Ivy league education of yours is so valuable- please by all means- use it.


republicanmother said...

I would say that there are plenty of skilled workers out there. When I finished college with my degree in chemical engineering in hand, there were no offers, the only interview I could get was with a contractor for DoE doing bullcrap pencil pushing to keep that sweet Fed money flowing through their bank accounts.

I think this no skilled worker garbage is just an excuse the banksters made up so they can ship our jobs over to China whilst still raking in student loan $$$. Work harder hamsters, you'll get somewhere someday on your wheel!

Another layer, is that many workplaces are demanding degrees for jobs that don't really require one. I suspect that this new "standardization" is recommended by some bankster-funded expert group so that they have more indoctrination time and more student loan $$$.

Brian said...

I agree wholeheartedly RM. Especially with the last paragraph. Never have I seen more chickenshit jobs requiring degrees that really don't need them....excellent comment as per usual.