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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Frankenstein Government Big Game Schtick*Updated

I never like it when two east coast teams get in. Being a western boy means I don't really have a lot to root for here. Here's how I analyze the big tilt.

I have always maintained that the team with the best defense has a huge edge in the Superbowl. That nod goes to the Giants.

The Giants beat New England in the regular season. 

Looking at schedule strength which was very similar- I think the Patriots had a tougher schedule and played a little better. This is debatable. But I give the edge to the Pats because they did not lose to any crappy teams which the Giants did.

One could argue that the Pats shouldn't even be here albeit for a missed field goal. I could say the same thing about the Giants and those two fumbles of San Francisco's.

All my friends'... the smart money says- it's the Giants.

I think they are wrong. I'll tell you why. Tom Brady is a determined on field general. Belly check may be the best coach I have ever seen. They make their rival coach and QB look like pikers. They prepare better and they are veterans. There is also one other thing I like. Revenge. The Patriots had their perfect season snuffed out a few years ago by the Giants.

It's payback time. Take the Pats and give the 3 points. I am staying away from the over/under but I lean over 53. Who can argue with Joe Namath?

*So much for predictions. If I had bet on this game and thankfully, I would never bet because it is illegal, I would probably have lost 210 bucks or so.


Fredd said...

I don't have a dog in this fight, either, but like watching football at all levels.

Since I am a Chicago Bears fan, I gotta stick with my conference and go with the Giants, and predict that they will win by a sizable margine, say 35-17.

Since Brady thinks everyone will be praying for him, he will try and do too much, force some throws (that get picked off), scramble and fumble (more than once), just a guess, though, obviously.

Brian said...

Thanks Fredd for sticking your nose out here.

It makes it a lot funner come teasing time after the game is over...

jdmlist said...

Oh boy, too bad Wes couldn't hang on to that one pass that one time.

Anonymous said...

You need to stop picking football - or at least stop putting your picks on line. Nuff said.

Brian said...

All you gotta do to cash winners- is just get my picks and go the other way! It's a no brainer...