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Friday, February 3, 2012

Bureau of Labor Statistics Releases Latest Fib, Facebook Insiders and Fat Cats Getting Fatter

Wow. The parade of lies continues. I am in awe. So the question becomes...will people believe headlines like this:

This morning the BLS reported it's gerrymandered numbers but failed to mention that a WHOPPING 1.2 million people dropped out of the labor force. An all time high for ONE month.

Ignoring the 5 million people who have quit looking for jobs allows the BLS to state that the unemployment rate has dropped to 8.3%. Gold in a big sell off because happy days are here! Simply stated, if you have run out of unemployment benefits, or never qualified for them to begin with, you are simply not counted. Therefore, the higher the number of uncounted people is- the lower the drop in unemployment.

Or will people believe this?

Perception shapes opinion and reality. It doesn't have to be true- it just has to appear that way. That's how the propaganda war is won.

Facebook. About a year ago, I lost my mind and finally posted a profile on Facebook. I have mixed emotions. It's kind of interesting to see old friends on there. I use it to search for people who are in the news. Really. Very often, they restrict their information to the extent that you cannot even contact them. So what's the point?

Well as it turns out, with a completely chicken shit and paranoid population, I find Facebook to be of minimal networking value.

To sum up my Facebook experience? A constant stream of superficial fluff probably not worthy of my time to begin with. I can truly say that FB has not enhanced my life one bit. I could have lived just fine without it. However, it appears that my participation in FB is about to enhance Mark Zuckerberg's wealth. Facebook is about to be taken public in what is most likely the biggest initial public stock offering of all time. The shares will be offered to the wealthy and elite via their brokers- who will then flip them for a nice profit. By the time the hoi polloi (those people that are actually on FB) get access to shares in the open market- they will be so overpriced that they will offer little or no value at all. Fully priced and distributed to suckers weak hands.

How do I feel about Zuckerberg selling my profile to advertisers? Look, everything I've read about that kid puts him in the sociopath capitalist class. Including the movie. I should have known better.


Always On Watch said...

Grim graphic about labor statistics.

Anonymous said...

Facebook is evil. It's destroyed lives. It's intrusive and it tracks everything you do - before and after you log off.