Monday, January 30, 2012

The Secret of Success

I love the Bard of Murdock. A must read for me every day. More funny stuff here:

Stimulating Stocks

I like investment services
And helping clients find
Investments that will grow their wealth,
And give them peace of mind.

I analyze stock dividends
And annual reports,
To find the perfect companies
To play with longs and shorts.

I then review their P&Ls
And comb their balance sheets,
To find a magic formula
Or pattern that repeats.

I’ve found the perfect indicant
That helps me to finesse
The shares of stock to buy and sell
With startling success.

A wise investor finds returns
By following the trail
Of grants and loans by government:
Those companies will fail.

So leverage every cent at hand
And short their common stock,
For if they’ve taken stimulus
Their failure is a lock.

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