Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ever So Quietly, Gold Has Been Rising and Now Takes Out 1700

There is nothing I enjoy more than listening to people bad mouth precious metals. Folks that practice contempt prior to investigation are simply clueless when it come to the meteoric rise of precious metals. They don't get it.

That is mainstream media. CNBC. Idiot TV for the masses.

Precious metals cannot and will not go down until the world comes up with a rescue plan that does not include debasing currencies. Unfortunately, the world has no other plan. They screwed the pooch and that is all you really need to know. They will continue debasing currencies until they are completely worthless. Holders of precious metals will have a store of wealth and possess a time honored commodity that bankers and politicians cannot counterfeit. The world is catching on.

The anti-fiat trade. Of course it makes sense.

Here is a fantastic piece about India and possibly China, using gold to pay for Iranian oil. The United States, ever the international bully, is attempting to strangle Iran. This is the response.

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