Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Elite Look After the Elite, To The Exclusion Of Everyone Else

The elite care about power and money. In America, the pinnacle of success for rich, elite Americans is becoming President. Once in office they go about the business of protecting their way of life. Protecting tax codes and shelters for the elite. Looking the other way when enforcing laws on cheap Mexican labor streaming over the border. Offshore bank accounts. Cultivating future prospects. Protecting corporate monopolies. Taking care of the bankers on Wall St. and entrenching crony capitalism. Mitt's the new poster child for the oligarchy. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oligarchy

When we elect somebody like George Bush, a wannabe elitist like Barack Obama, or a Mitt Romney- what we are really doing is electing people who do not represent us. The elite are minutia. There are hardly a thousand people in the entire United States that make 21 million a year. They don't amount to a speck on a gnat's ass.

Other than sharing air, we don't have a damn thing in common with those who covet wealth and power. Nothing. 

So why do we keep electing rich, elite, bankers who have raided the treasury- stolen from all American workers via Congress and the FED and will continue to do so?? Are we in awe?? Are we jealous?? No...

We elect them because we are dumb shits, that's why. Here's the latest on Mitt Romney. http://www.usatoday.com/news/politics/story/2012-01-24/mitt-romney-tax-return/52780230/1


Anonymous said...

>Taking care of the bankers on Wall St. >and entrenching crony capitalism. Mitt's >the new poster child for the oligarchy. >http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oligarchy

Now you know why they want to put a kill switch on the internet Brian - people like you are doing the job reporters are supposed to be doing. Instead, the MSM will ignore the smell from these republic candid-ates and focus on the tiny differences in hairstyle or selection of necktie(s) or whether double breasted suits are due for a comeback.

Remember I told you a while back that as long as you control the primaries, you control the outcome and therefore no change will be possible inside this system.


republicanmother said...

hear, hear.
The way they know that they are superior to us is that they are them and we are us.

There are so few of them and so many of us, that's for sure the reason behind the internet kill switch.