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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Nothing Tickles My Ass More Than the Statists Whining About Their Statist Government

The best thing about the Keynesian experiment is that it is nearly over. In only 20 years time, a relatively small amount of elected people have brought this country to it's economic knees. And it's just going to get worse. From this year forward, the deficits grow, the entitlements grow, inflation, and interest on the sky high debt will grow. We don't just have zombie banks. We have a zombie country.

In Moonbat Valley, the statists have been trying to re-locate and build a new airport for over a decade. It has been a war. North Moonbat Valley wanted the airport to remain where it was. South Moonbat Valley wanted the airport out of their back yard. The local elected statists and South Valley Moonbats have managed to move the project forward and identified a couple of potential airport sites about 20 miles away. That was five years ago.

Here's the best part. The same nanny government that told Moonbat Valley that the airport would no longer be compliant with larger aircraft via the government's FAA...has now declared the project dead until the government (environmental impact studies, the EPA/Obama version of the SS) environmental impact study can be completed. They put it on eternal hold. It's already taken them half a decade to accomplish nothing. Layer after layer of government bureaucracy, red tape, and regulations. The government, so adept at finding problems is even more adept at creating new ones. Wasting years and millions of dollars. And don't think for a second that the billionaires of Moonbat Valley haven't slowed this process to a crawl as they remind people in politics where those campaign contributions come from.

Here's a fun fact. The land adjacent to the existing airport is owned by the Eccles family. The David Eccles, Marriner Eccles, Spencer Eccles family. The same Marriner Eccles that was the Federal Reserve Chairman and the one they named the FED Reserve bank building after. He was a huge supporter of Keynesian economics! The estate sold a few acres to the airport for something like 4 million bucks a few years back. FAA money. This family is old money. Maybe the airport is cursed.

The Moonbats deserve every minute of this torture. This is the government they wanted. The one they voted for. Don't come here looking for a Kleenex. Here's the story. Note the government efficiencies in the main part of the story.


rawmuse said...

Hey, Chief, care to chime in on this? I think it is outrageous.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love when the elites have to start eating their own crap?

BTW, I take Ron Paul to task today. If you want to share tour thoughts, I would appreciate it.